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April 15, 2019

Donate Vehicles for Change!

Have you ever wondered if that beat-up, rusty piece of machinery that’s been clogging up your driveway for ages now could ever be useful to you again? As you take a look at your clunker, you’d probably think about the years it has served you well and how attached you’ve become to it. However, at some point, you’ll need to realize that, like most of the things you love, a time will come when you must learn to let that vehicle go.

Serving Those Who Served Us First

Today, we encourage you to take a moment to think about the brave men and women in our armed forces who volunteered, made sacrifices, and risked their lives to preserve and uphold our country’s ideals of freedom, democracy, and peace.

These are our nation’s heroes who deserve to live happy, contented lives after their separation from the service.

Ironically, however, many of them live miserable lives due to service-connected disabilities, mental health issues, lack of jobs, and homelessness due to poverty.

Did you know that although our government continues to take all necessary measures to ensure their welfare, there’s still a yawning gap of service that needs to be filled?

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that as of 2017, the number of unemployed U.S. veterans was over 370,000 while the unemployment rate of vets with service-connected disabilities was at 4.3%. Furthermore, the United States Housing and Urban Development (HUD) states that as of 2015, the nation had over 47,000 homeless veterans, not counting thousands of others who are at risk of joining the ranks of the homeless if the government and the private sector fail to provide them the much-needed housing solution.

The Good News: You Can Donate Vehicles for Change!

The good news is that although your trusty old truck may have finally hit the end of the road, you can still turn it into a powerful tool that can change and uplift the lives of our needy former military servicemen and servicewomen as well as their families. If you decide to donate it to us at Veteran Car Donations, you’ll help fund the programs and services that out IRS-registered 501(c)3 nonprofit partners are delivering to promote the welfare of our heroes. With our combined efforts, deserving veterans will have free access to the following services:

  • General transitioning assistance for those who get separated from the service
  • Mortgage-free and specially adapted homes for those who are homeless and those who have severe combat-related injuries
  • Education scholarships and tutoring support for those who want to pursue higher education
  • Orientation programs to inform veterans and their families of the wide range of benefits available for them
  • Grief counseling for the families of fallen heroes
  • Free mental healthcare for those who are struggling with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorders (PTSD) and other mental health issues.

How You Can Donate Vehicles for Change

What’s awesome about donating to Veteran Car Donations is that we make the process extremely easy for you. In fact, you won’t have to do much except to call us at 877-594-5822 to let us know that you’re donating. Another option would be to fill out our secure online donation form.

Once we have the required information about you and your vehicle, our team will arrange a convenient time and date to have a professional towing company haul away your vehicle at no cost to you. We will then process your donation paperwork and sell your donated vehicle via auction. Once it is sold, we’ll send you your 100% tax-deductible receipt in the mail. You can use this receipt to claim one of your tax deductions when you file your itemized income tax return in the next tax season.

How Your Donation Can Benefit You

Among the perks you will get to enjoy as a car donor are the following:

  • A maximized tax deduction in the next tax season
  • Avoid the costs, loss of privacy, possible security risks, and hassles associated with selling your car yourself
  • Save money as you no longer have to pay for vehicle repairs, maintenance, registration, and insurance
  • FREE towing
  • Feel the joy of knowing that you’ll be helping improve the living condition of our veterans and their families with your vehicle donation

Donate Vehicles for Change and Transform Lives!

Today is the best day to make a massive impact on the veteran community in your area. Don’t waste another minute on the fence.

For more information on our car donation program, check out our FAQs page. For inquiries, you can call us at 877-594-5822 or send us a message online.We accept donations of nearly all types of vehicles anywhere in the United States since we have car donation programs in all 50 states.

Help transform the lives of our nation’s struggling heroes. Call us at 877-594-5822 to get started with your car donation!

Veteran Car Donations operates in all 50 states.

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