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November 21, 2020

What Are the Best Jobs for Ex-Military?

Did you know that our servicemen and servicewomen face many tough challenges as soon as they hang up their uniforms? What you might consider as their normal transition from military to civilian life is fraught with many obstacles that prevent their smooth re-entry into society after they get separated from the service. 

Among the major concerns faced by former military personnel is unemployment. While the military has trained them well in various fields of work, many of our troops have trouble finding gainful employment once they leave the service. 

In most cases, the demands of industries don’t match up with their skills. Some veterans are also apprehensive in entering the industrial workforce, thinking that it would be hard to adjust to civilian systems that are far different from the structure and hierarchy of the military that they’ve grown accustomed to. 

The good news is that there are jobs in certain fields that require the skills developed by former service members through years of experience. The key is in knowing where to look for these job openings. Here are some of the jobs that veterans can excel in. 

  1. Law enforcement and security

A career in law enforcement after years of training in the military is the first thing that comes to mind when military members look for work after their separation from the service. Law enforcement officers and soldiers undergo similar training procedures. Both lines of work involve maintaining peace and security. Former soldiers are considered instant assets when they start working for the police force or an investigative team. 

  1. Nurse practitioners

Nurse practitioners work with other healthcare professionals to provide primary or specialty healthcare services. These may include direct healthcare services, patient education, and coordination of care with other healthcare professionals. Former military members are professionally equipped in dealing with emergencies and keep a level head in doing their job, which is an asset in the medical field. 

  1. Information security analysts

Former servicemen and servicewomen would do well in advising companies about security issues related to information technology given their exposure and expertise in countering cyberattacks. Former military personnel assigned to IT security can provide their services and expertise to companies in need of protection. 

  1. Management consultants

The military is all about efficiency, and individuals with experience can help organizations maximize their resources and manpower to streamline processes within the organizations. Management consultants can also identify their clients’ inefficiencies and recommend ways to solve them. 

  1. Intelligence analysts

Another lucrative line of employment for former military personnel is working as intelligence analysts. These are the people who work behind the scenes to protect national security. This position requires personnel to analyze intelligence collected from the field to identify credible threats. 

  1. Aviation program managers

Veterans with experience in aviation should not limit themselves to working as pilots in commercial or private charter flights. They can take their experience even further into the career ladder by overseeing aviation projects from start to finish — from the design phase to research, integration, and testing. Their experience gives them the advantage of expertise in the field. 

Reasons Why Many Vets Can’t Find Jobs

While many job opportunities are open in the civilian workplace for skilled and experienced veterans, not everyone is lucky to land lucrative positions in private companies. Many veterans find it difficult to find jobs or other sources of income for a variety of reasons. Some still suffer from service-related disabilities, injuries, and mental health issues. Others lack education and the right skills for certain jobs.

Failure to find decent jobs has consigned many veterans to a life of poverty, sometimes leading to homelessness.

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