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May 17, 2021

Get to Know the Units That Make Up Our Country’s Elite Military Forces

Have you ever wondered how our armed forces consistently protect our country? Despite the numerous terrorist attacks targeting the United States within and beyond its borders, our country remains one of the most secure and successful countries in the world. We have the special forces in our military to thank for that.

As a tribute to the exemplary courage and dedication being shown by members of the United States Special Operations Forces, it’s only fitting that we get to know their different units and how each of those units contributes to our country’s defense. For this reason, Veteran Car Donations shares what you need to know about our country’s Special Operations Forces, which comprise of 10 units — the Army Green Berets, Army Night Stalkers, Army Rangers, Navy SEALs, Navy SEALs Missions, Navy SWCCs, Marine MARSOC, Marine RECON, Marine RECON Missions, and Air Force Special Tactics.

We highlight 5 of these units here:

  1. Army Green Berets

The Army Green Berets are known for their exceptional skills in engaging in modern warfare. The unit has several A-teams comprising of 12 members each. Each team member has a specific function. The Army Green Beret’s missions include penetrating an enemy’s zone during times of war, traveling to friendly countries to teach military strategies, acting as war diplomats, and undertaking counterterrorism assignments. 

The process of training and selecting qualified members of the Army Green Berets is stringent. A trainee needs to have certain skills and a great deal of determination to become a Green Beret. Soldiers who pass the rigorous training process are trained to become experts in specific fields.

  1. Army Night Stalkers

As its name implies, this Special Operations Forces unit is known for its proficiency in nighttime operations. The members of this elite team are trained to undertake dangerous reconnaissance and attack missions at night. They are trained to handle any type of assignment that involves the use of rotorcraft anywhere in the world at a moment’s notice.

  1. Marine Corps Special Forces

The terrorist attack that took place on September 11, 2001, prompted the United States government to make necessary changes to the structure of the military. One of the changes that were made was the U.S. Marine Corps Forces Special Operations Command (MARSOC) teaming up with the U.S. Special Operations Command (SOCOM). The unit’s functions include direct action, special reconnaissance, and foreign internal defense.

  1. Navy SEALs

The Navy SEALs team is another important component of the U.S. military. Members of this elite unit are called SEALs because they are trained to undertake covert missions in sea, air, or land. The members go through the most advanced and rigorous military training to build their stamina and develop special skills to work and solve problems as a team.

When they are not deployed overseas, they continue to train, acquire more skills, and learn more strategies that they can use to do their jobs better. The functions of the Navy SEALs can be divided into 5 categories — foreign internal defense, unconventional warfare, counterterrorism, direct action, and special reconnaissance.

  1. Army Rangers

The U.S. Army Rangers are known for their precision and skills in remaining undetected in a foreign war zone. The unit’s functions include insertion and extraction of U.S. commandos behind enemy lines and participation in direct-action operations reconnaissance.

Army Rangers are grouped by threes or fours. They are trained to survive for a few days behind enemy lines, gathering intelligence and reporting their findings once they return to camp.


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