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November 25, 2020

What Is a Military Deployment? Get to Know the Full Details

Military deployment is a term that’s familiar to friends and families of service members but not so much to the general public. Basically, the term involves the movement of active-duty service members from their home station to locations outside of U.S. territories.

While in itself, the definition of the term seems ominous, troops who are deployed overseas are not always assigned to conflict-ridden areas to engage in combat. Some of them are deployed overseas as part of humanitarian missions, peacekeeping contingents, or evacuation of American citizens. In most cases, troops are deployed abroad to restore peace or augment security in certain areas.

Deployment is not uniform for all service members. Some serve their tour of duty once or multiple times in war-torn areas while others remain in their original bases.

Key Information About Deployment

Troops may be deployed for up to 15 months. Depending on the situation, a service member can be deployed multiple times during the course of their military career.

Troops undergo four phases of deployment, including preparation, actual deployment, sustainment, and redeployment. Preparations include undergoing additional training for their upcoming missions while their families are also prepared for their long periods of separation.

Deployment involves the troops’ adjustments to the new norms in their new assignment. Sustainment covers the long period when the service member completes the mission and families adjust to a long period of separation. Lastly, redeployment involves the troops’ reintegration as they return home to their families back home.

Soldiers undergo various challenges during deployment, including physical trials and changes as well as emotional mental, and social adjustments.

There are significant differences in the experiences of troops deployed in different eras. Troops who were deployed during World War II, the Korean, Vietnam, and Iraqi wars were exposed to different challenges during their tours of duty.

The Tough Challenges that Many Vets Face

It is a sad truth that many of our troops who were exposed to conflict situations overseas during their deployment came home bearing the scars of their traumatic experiences. Following their separation from the service, some of them still have to deal with the tough challenges posed by their service-related disabilities and mental health conditions. Years have passed since their time on the war zones, and yet they are still haunted by the traumatic experiences they were exposed to while doing their assigned duties for our nation.

As a result, their reintegration into society is a major challenge that many of them fail to hurdle. It is not uncommon to see veterans wallowing in poverty, homeless, jobless, and unable to banish the ghosts that continue to haunt them because of poor mental health.

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