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October 5, 2021

Learn Why Servicewomen Pay Much More for Their Uniforms than Their Male Counterparts

Despite the reforms that have been instituted to ensure equality between men and women in the workplace, sports, and other fields, it is a sad truth that there are still laws that highlight the differences between the genders.

Among these laws is the pink tax, which is the extra charge put on products made for females like shampoos, razors, clothes, haircuts, and more. For example, a razor for men costs $10.49 at a retail store. However, a razor for women costs $.50.

Although the price differences between made-for-women and made-for-men products amount to just a few cents and dollars, when you add them up, an average female spends an average of $2,135 annually for products made for them, which their male counterparts don’t have to spend.

The argument for imposing higher costs for women’s products and services is that they are more laborious and expensive to produce compared to men’s more generic items. Some say that dry-cleaning female clothing requires more care or that a female haircut takes more time and effort.

Advocacy groups have been speaking out about gender-based pricing. They have an ally in California Assemblywoman Jackie Speier who championed the Gender Tax Repeal Act of 1995. Upon her election to the U.S. House of Representatives, she introduced a bill banning the pink tax in 2016. However, the bill didn’t gain enough support. She reintroduced it in 2019, but once again, her bill failed to take off.

Meanwhile, some companies have taken the initiative to promote equal pricing for male and female items, even offering rebates for pink-taxed items.

Women in the military suffer from the same discrepancy. Enlisted servicewomen have to pay the pink tax imposed on military uniform items for women, which are more often not covered by uniform allowances.

According to a report by the U.S. Government Accountability Office, an average female military officer spends an additional $8,000 for uniform items from their own pockets compared to male officers who even benefit from excesses from their uniform allowance.

To address the gap, the report recommended reducing the differences in out-of-pocket expenses and developing more consistent criteria among the branches of the military and across genders. The report also recommended the periodic review of the items included in the clothing list for cost differences and submitting the plans for military uniform changes and their related out-of-pocket expenses to service members.

The Pentagon reportedly agreed to the recommendations and sought to review how they can be applied to further curb disparities.


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