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September 20, 2022

Here’s How to Set Yourself Up for an Unforgettable Experience

Are you actively seeking out luxury vacation options that offer security, exclusivity, and ultimate relaxation? Whether you’re traveling with colleagues, a special partner, family members, or friends, a yacht charter can ensure the kind of independence, freedom, and privacy that no other form of travel can give you.


Frequently Asked Questions About Yacht Chartering Answered

Whether you’re dreaming of an island-hopping adventure or an epic family vacation in the Caribbean, you’d want to ensure a safe and secure environment to enjoy quality time with your loved ones. Yacht chartering allows you to do things your way, at your own pace, and with a custom-made itinerary in absolute luxury. When you’re on board a chartered yacht, you’re setting yourself up for an unforgettable experience.

Before you book a charter yacht, check out the answers to the most asked questions about yacht chartering.

  1. What exactly is yacht chartering?

Yacht chartering refers to the practice of renting or chartering a sailing or power vessel and traveling to coastal or island destinations based on the charterer’s choice.

  1. Do I have to book my charter yacht for an entire week?

No. Although yacht pricing is calculated for a weeklong charter in most cases, you can also find yachts that offer daily rates. This allows you to charter a yacht for as long or short as you want it. Take note, however, that some yachts collect a surcharge if you charter them for less than 4 or 5 nights.

  1. How do I ensure that the charter yacht I booked is in seaworthy condition?

Look for charter yachts that are committed to adhering to strict local maritime laws and regulations.  Besides doing a quick observation of the items on the yacht, you’d want to ask the owner if they’ll allow the yacht to sail as is. If they express a desire to address certain issues before sailing, the vessel may not be seaworthy.

In addition to the yacht’s physical condition and equipment, the credentials and experience of the crew may determine the vessel’s seaworthiness. Yachts with crew members who don’t hold Coast Guard-issued Merchant Mariner documents or Master’s certificates, or those who aren’t trained or experienced in assigned onboard duties, may also be considered unseaworthy.

Moreover, you’d want to ask the captain to show you all the paperwork, including the Certificate of Number, current registration decal, vessel registration, owner contact information, accident report form, operating manual for essential equipment, and marine towing service membership card.

  1. What documents do I need to bring for a yacht charter vacation?

You’ll need to bring a valid passport with 6 months left on its expiration dates. If you’re traveling to international destinations, visas are required from the countries you’re traveling to.


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