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April 13, 2021

Know the Health Services the VA Offers Specifically to Women Vets

The Veterans Affairs established the Women’s Health Services office in 1988 to streamline services for women veterans across the country. The VA made this move to provide these vets with more cost-effective psychosocial and medical care.

During that time, only 4.4% of our vets were comprised of women. Today, 10.5% of the veteran population are women. By 2040, the number is expected to increase to 15.9%.

The VA is committed to helping women veterans meet their health care needs. Those who qualify for VA health care can have free access to high-quality services, one of which is maternity care. This service is meant for female vets who are ready to start raising their families. The VA helps them in getting access to health care services inside and outside the agency.

Other than maternity care, the VA Women’s Health Services also offers the following primary care programs:

  • Female-specific services such as menopausal support, birth control, and preconception counseling;
  • General services such as nutrition counseling and disease prevention;
  • Medical screenings such as mammograms and pap smears;
  • Free one-on-one counseling and therapy for victims of military sexual trauma (MST); and
  • Mental health services for women veterans with PTSD, depression, and substance use problems.

Specialty services are also provided, and these include:

  • Screening and management of sexually transmitted diseases;
  • Screening and management of chronic conditions such as diabetes and heart disease;
  • Prosthetic and sensory aid (PSA) services such as providing hearing aids, post-mastectomy items, or prosthetic limbs;
  • Residential and long-term care for sick or disabled women vets;
  • Referrals for physical therapy, speech-language therapy, occupational therapy, and other rehabilitation therapies;
  • Reproductive health services;
  • Treatment for urinary or sexual problems; and
  • Fertility services such as IVF for vets with a service-connected disability.


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