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June 27, 2020

To Mark National PTSD Awareness Day on June 27th, Here Are 3 Things You Can Do

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a mental health condition that afflicts individuals who experienced or witnessed severe trauma in their lives. PTSD affects an average of 8 million Americans every year.

National PTSD Awareness Day is observed every 27th of June as part of PTSD Awareness Month. It seeks to promote public awareness about the condition and the individuals affected by it.

National PTSD Awareness Day was declared to honor Staff Sergeant Jose Biel, a North Dakota National Guard member who took his own life after serving two tours of duty in Iraq. PTSD Awareness Day was designated on June 27th, Biel’s birthday, as a reminder of the impact that PTSD can have on the life of its victim.

Key Facts about PTSD

  • While PTSD is commonly associated with soldiers exposed to conflict and combat, many Americans also suffer from the condition as a result of trauma caused by triggers such as accidents, violence, and assault.
  • The depiction of PTSD in the film “Saving Private Ryan” was so realistic that visits to PTSD counselors rose after the movie was released in 1998.
  • Studies show that 5 percent of military dogs also experience PTSD.
  • The volume of PTSD sufferers among veterans varies from the period they were deployed to different conflicts such as the Vietnam War, Operation Desert Storm, Operation Iraqi Freedom, and the 9-11 bombings.
  • Studies reveal that PTSD is more likely to afflict women than men. Based on data released by the National Center for PTSD, 10 percent of women experience PTSD at some point in their lives compared to 4 percent of men.
  • Virtual reality therapy, yoga, and service animals are some tools being explored to manage PTSD.

How to Observe National PTSD Awareness Day

  • Raise awareness

Advocate and promote awareness of PTSD by volunteering for a group with the same mission. Start an online campaign, use hashtags, and educate other people about PTSD.

  • Understand PTSD. 

PTSD is a difficult condition to understand given that sufferers have varying experiences and responses to trauma. Talk to a professional to better understand the condition, or better yet, ask your office if you can hold a small event where people can learn about PTSD and other mental health issues with the guidance of a professional. This will help office workers become aware of the signs and symptoms of mental health issues and become more sensitive to the condition of their co-workers in the process.

  • Support PTSD sufferers.

There are many ways to help PTSD sufferers and organizations that help them overcome their condition. Do extensive research before donating.

Here’s How You Can Help Our Suffering Vets

All over the U.S., thousands of veterans are still reeling from the traumatic events they experienced during their tours of duty overseas before their return home and subsequent separation from the service. This hampers their ability to function normally in society.

Data shows that about 6,000 veterans took their own lives due to PTSD and depression.

Apart from mental health issues, many veterans also suffer from service-connected disabilities, other illnesses, unemployment, and homelessness.

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Bring Relief to Needy Veterans

Our veterans have experienced horrors that we can never imagine, all in line with their duty to protect our country and preserve our freedoms. They have suffered enough. Let’s do our part to make them realize their dreams of living peaceful, productive, and decent lives. Call us at 877-594-5822 or fill out our online donation form to make your car donation now!

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