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April 18, 2016

Donating vs. Fixing

A lot of people having to deal with a clunky, unreliable car choose to repair it without any thought as to what it’s costing them. It may surprise you to know this, but in a lot of cases buying a new car is more cost-efficient than fixing a clunker. Don’t put your old one up for sale just yet though!

Don’t Sell Your Clunker Car, Donate It!

First of all, donating your car is simply better than the alternatives. If you keep taking it in for repairs, the cost will ultimately spill over the “worth it” limit. It’s strange to think that your old machine is more of a financial drain than a new car would be. Do the math though; you might get a nasty shock!

Selling it online, you’ll have to deal with all kinds of eccentrics and low-ballers trying to squeeze a good deal out of you. If you use more traditional means, the thing’s just going to be sitting on your drive for months on end! So you see, donating has the distinct advantage of getting rid of your car fast!

Donating Your Old Car to Charity

Most charities that accept cars will take yours as-is, without causing a fuss. If there are any improvements required, your chosen charity will take care of them. Obviously you could sell your old clunker on the public market. However, if you try to sell one in really bad condition, it will end up taking an exceptionally long time. You’ll probably go through a long chain of people who sound interested, but decide against it after seeing the car. You can’t really blame them here.

If you were spending several thousand dollars on something, you’d want to inspect it! Donation to a charity could save you a lot of hassle in the long run. Within reason, the required maintenance doesn’t really matter.

Finally, you’ll be giving more and getting more out of it compared to repeatedly fixing up your clunker. Okay, no one’s going to pay you outright for donating a car. However, you will get a pretty nice tax deduction!

Apart from all that, you’ll be directly helping a good cause! If you don’t choose to donate it to the veterans of our great nation, there are a range of charitable causes that will pass your car onto someone who needs it more.

Even if your car is in a truly terrible condition, giving it away is going to do a lot more than dropping some small change in a collection pot! Choose to donate, and you’ll be doing someone an incredible service.

Don’t keep dragging that clunker around with you. For a quick, easy way of getting rid of it, while helping those that need it most, donate your old car. Believe me, you’ll look back on this decision and smile!

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