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December 21, 2022

Get to Know the Pros and Cons of Both Tire Types

Weather and road conditions continuously change throughout the year. It only makes sense that your tires should adapt to these changes.

One of the most common questions asked by people looking to make the best choice possible when buying tires is whether they need winter tires or all-season tires. As seasons shift and road conditions change, it’s crucial to understand the critical differences between winter tires and all-season tires.


All-Season Tires

Many brand-new cars come factory-equipped with all-season tires, which are designed to work in almost all kinds of weather all year round. The specific tread design on all-season tires can handle wet roads, light snow, and hot or cold weather. All-season tires feature low rolling resistance, equating to better gas mileage. These types of tires are also quieter on the road.


  • All-season tires have a long tread life.
  • Vehicles with these tires are easy to drive.
  • These tires are ideal in medium climates.
  • Vehicles with these tires are quieter and more comfortable to drive.
  • They have a firm grip on wet and dry roads.


  • They’re not designed for extreme weather.
  • They’re less efficient on icy roads.
  • Vehicles with these tires have longer braking distances.


Winter Tires

Designed to be sure-footed in snow, ice, and slush, winter tires are appropriate for temperatures under 40 degrees Fahrenheit. Thanks to their specialized tread design and soft rubber compound that’s designed to stay soft in freezing temperatures, winter tires can wrap themselves around minute protrusions on the cold pavement and even on what may seem like perfectly smooth ice. Most drivers find that winter tires provide a sense of confidence, control, and security on challenging winter roads.


  • Winter tires have the best grip on ice and snow.
  • Their tread rubber stays flexible at low temperatures, which means better vehicle control.
  • Aggressive tread reduces snow build-up.
  • Treads feature biting edges for more excellent traction on wet and icy roads.


  • Winter tires can cause damage to roads.
  • Their treads wear faster.
  • They are fuel inefficient when used during summer.
  • A vehicle with these tires suffers from poor handling.


Don’t Let Your Old Car End Up as Junk

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Our team will put your vehicle up for auction, with the proceeds going to our veteran and military nonprofit partners. These IRS-certified 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations are dedicated to improving the lives of former U.S. service members who are homeless, unable to find jobs, and suffering from disabilities as well as serious illnesses, including mental disorders.

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We’re not choosy on the type and condition of the vehicle you intend to donate. We accept nearly all vehicle types,  including those that are no longer in good condition and won’t even start anymore.

It’s so easy to donate to us. We’ll take care of most of the work for you. Simply give us a call through our 24/7 toll-free hotline at 877-594-5822 and one of our donation specialists will walk you through our quick and simple donation process. You can also contact us here.

Head over to our FAQs page to find more information about Veteran Car Donations.


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