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Superior, Colorado Car Donations: Help Bridge the Gap in Government Service to Our Vets

Veteran Car Donations in Superior, Colorado, together with our military and veteran non-profit organization partners, is helping bridge the gap in the U.S. government’s assistance to our retired troops. Throughout the years, we have been providing assistance to military personnel and their families after their retirement through our Superior, Colorado car donations programs and other such programs across America.

It is sad to think that those who placed their lives in danger during their deployment for combat duty in Iraq and Afghanistan still continue to struggle even after retirement. Despite the assistance given by the U.S. government to the millions of our veterans for years, there are still thousands of our retired troops in need. Sadly, there are factors that hinder them from starting new lives as civilians after they retired from the service.

Here are the factors that are preventing our veterans from enjoying their life as civilians:

  • Unemployment – This is one of the major problems our veterans have. Records show that the unemployment rate among post 9-11 veterans is at 13 percent, including disabled troops. This rate is 2.7 percent higher than the country’s civilian unemployment rate.

To tackle this problem, Veteran Car Donations in Superior, Colorado provides funding to educational assistance as well as jobs and skills training programs for troops who still could not find decent jobs due to lack of credentials. Through this program, we aim to lessen the rate of unemployment among veterans and help them sustain themselves and their families in the long run.

  • Disability and homelessness – These are two major problems that some veterans face. Severely injured veterans have a hard time getting employed and they tend to end up living on the streets.

Your donations to Superior, Colorado car donations help in building specially adapted mortgage-free homes for severely injured Post-9/11 veterans. This program provides shelter for troops who came home with physical disabilities.

  • About 11 to 20 percent of our troops deployed in Iraq or Afghanistan returned home with either post-traumatic stress disorder or clinical depression. These factors sometimes lead to a shocking number of veterans committing suicide.

Your donations to Veteran Car Donations in Superior, Colorado will provide active and retired troops as well as their families a grief counseling program to help them cope with their emotional turmoil. This program also seeks to curb suicide among our troubled troops.

Superior, Colorado Car Donations Benefits for Donors

When you donate your car to our Superior, Colorado car donations program, our veterans are not the only ones who receive benefits. You yourself also gain valuable rewards. For instance, your car donation will make you eligible to claim a top tax deduction, which could cut your tax payment by $500 or even more depending on the final selling price of your car.

You also save money and free yourself from the hassle of having your car repaired and making it “sell worthy.” You also don’t have to pay any more for your car’s insurance premium and registration.

Moreover, you get to dispose of your old unwanted car that’s just gathering dust in your garage or backyard at zero cost and hassle to you.

Superior, Colorado Car Donations Process

Check out these three easy steps to donate your car to Superior, Colorado car donations.

Step 1: Visit our organization’s website and fill out the car donation form here. Or you may also call Superior, Colorado Veteran Car Donations at 877-494-4662. Our friendly and eager-to-help phone representatives will walk you through the donation process and provide the necessary information. You may need to provide details like:

  • Your car’s make and model
  • Your preferred time and date for towing
  • Your vehicle’s location

Step 2: We will verify the information you provided and will make an arrangement with a local tow company to pick up your vehicle.

Step 3: Your vehicle will be picked up and you will be given a receipt by the local tow company to release you from liability.

Your car will then be auctioned. After it sells, we will mail to you your tax receipt and inform you of your donated car’s final selling price. You will use the tax receipt as the basis for your top tax deduction claim.

Superior, Colorado: A Brief History

The town of Superior, Colorado is located in Boulder County and a small part of Jefferson County. The population of the town in 2010 was more than 12,000, which does not qualify it to be a city.

The town’s history goes back to the 19th century when the first coal mine was developed. Back in 1894, coal was discovered on a family farm. It was found in Hake’s family farm.

The town’s Historical Museum was rehabilitated between the 1920s and the 1930s. The building is preserved and protected by people who lived or once lived in Superior.

If you’re a history buff, Superior’s Historical Museum is the place to go to view the town’s historical treasures.

Another best place to visit in Superior is the town’s New Town Park. You can enjoy the day with your family having a picnic while the kids play.

Help our beleaguered veterans today by taking part in our Superior, Colorado car donations. Call us now at 877-494-4662 to donate your car.

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