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Turn Your Clunker into a Life-Changer for Our Vets through Wichita, Kansas Car Donations

Do you think the time has come for you to send your five-year-old commuter car into retirement? Do you believe that it deserves a new home? If you do, then we’d like to invite you to hand over that vehicle to us at Veteran Car Donations through our Wichita, Kansas car donations program. 

We are the online platform for the vehicle donation programs of leading IRS-certified 501(c)3 nonprofit organizations that are devoted to providing essential services to former members of our armed forces, particularly those who are suffering from lack of employment, service-connected disabilities, and mental health disorders, and homelessness.

We sell via auction all vehicles donated to us and use the generated funds to support the programs and services being delivered by our charity partners to their beneficiaries.

When you donate your vehicle to us, you’ll be helping needy veterans find decent jobs and acquire new skills as they reintegrate themselves into society. Thanks to your vehicle donation, deserving veterans will also gain free access to essential medical care including mental health services. Depending on their needs, they will likewise get a chance to avail themselves of education scholarships, mortgage-free and specially adapted homes, transitioning and financial assistance, counseling, and many other benefits.

In other words, when you participate in our Wichita, Kansas car donations program, you’ll be helping transform the lives of our nation’s heroes – those brave men and women who fought for us and made huge sacrifices to uphold our liberties and protect our nation’s security.  

Our Quick and Stress-Free Donation Process

At Veteran Car Donations, we’ve come up with a donation process that’s quick, convenient, and completely stress-free. In fact, it will take you just a couple of minutes to make a donation. That’s the time you’ll spend in calling us in the comforts of your home, and that’s the only thing you’ll need to do. Once we obtain all the information we need regarding the vehicle you wish to donate, our team of experts will take over and manage everything else on your behalf, including all paperwork, from that point on.

For a clearer idea of our donation process, here’s our three-step guide to joining our Wichita, Kansas car donations program:

  1. Contact us.

You can jumpstart your donation process by giving us a call at 877-594-5822. Share with us your contact information, a few basic details about your vehicle, and a short description of its working condition. You can also choose to donate your vehicle by filling out our donation form on this website.

  1. We collect your vehicle.

We’ll ask you for your preferred date, time, and place for your vehicle’s fast and free pickup. We’ll then send a tow truck to haul off your vehicle. The tow truck driver will issue you a towing receipt, which releases from all liabilities on your donated vehicle from that point onward. The receipt also allows you to cancel your vehicle’s DMV registration and insurance coverage.

  1. You get your tax-deductible receipt.

After your vehicle gets auctioned off, we’ll send you your 100-percent tax-deductible sales receipt by mail. You’ll need this when you itemize your deductions in filing your federal income tax return in the next tax season.

For more information about how everything works, check out our FAQs page. If you have other questions, you may call us at 877-594-5822 or send us a message online.

Why Join Wichita, Kansas Car Donations?

Receiving a maximized tax deduction isn’t the only reward you’ll be getting from Veteran Car Donations, although that’s definitely one of the best rewards you can get once you take part in our Wichita, Kansas car donations program. As our way of thanking you for choosing us as your charity partner, we’d love to repay you by allowing you to enjoy these amazing perks:

  • Stress-free donation process

With our competent staff taking care of your papers and towing, there’s absolutely no way you’d experience stress when you donate a vehicle to us.

  • Free towing at your convenience

You don’t have to look for and, more importantly, pay for a towing company to remove your vehicle from your property. Just tell us where your vehicle is located, and our tow truck will pick it up at a date and time of your choice.

  • Avoid the headaches of selling an old vehicle

You won’t have to go through the tedious, time-consuming, and costly process of selling a second-hand vehicle yourself when you simply donate such a vehicle to us.

  • Save loads of cash

Have you been waiting for that day when you’ll stop paying needlessly for your car’s repair, maintenance, registration, and insurance? You can make that happen right now when you decide to donate your vehicle to us. Prepare to be blown away by how much money you’ll be able to save!

  • Feel great about yourself

There’s no better feeling than a sense of fulfillment from doing something life-changing. Imagine seeing the happy faces of veterans and their families who would benefit from your donation.

Vehicles Accepted at Veteran Car Donations

What makes us different from other vehicle donation programs is that we don’t have certain preferences when it comes to accepting vehicles being offered for donation. Whether you’re donating a rundown pickup truck or a still shiny SUV, we’ll accept it with the same degree of gratitude.

The list below shows the various types of vehicles that we welcome in our Wichita, Kansas car donations program. Check it out!

  • Cars: sedans, luxury cars, coupes, convertibles, hybrids, sports cars, wagons, hatchbacks
  • Vans: family minivans, camper vans, cargo vans, passenger vans
  • SUVs: compact, midsize, full-size or crossover versions
  • Motorcycles: touring bikes, cruisers, scooters, off-road bikes, mopeds, sports bikes, choppers
  • Trucks: box trucks, pickup trucks extended cab pickup, panel trucks, refrigerator trucks, tank trucks
  • Specialized vehicles: riding lawnmowers, motorized wheelchairs
  • Fleet vehicles: SUVs, pickups, trucks, buses, cars, passenger vans, cargo vans, limousines, ambulances, taxicabs
  • Recreational vehicles: campers, travel trailers, motorhomes, pop-up trailers, snowmobiles, Jet Skis, ATVs
  • Work-related vehicles: construction vehicles, tractors and farm equipment, buses, large trucks, landscaping vehicles
  • Boats: fishing boats, sailboats, tugboats, speedboats, houseboats, cruise ships, catamarans, pontoon boats, yachts
  • Aircraft: noncommercial planes, helicopters


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It’s time to play hero to our heroes! Give us a call at 877-594-5822 or fill out our online donation form to take part in our Wichita, Kansas car donations program now!

Veteran Car Donations operates in all 50 states.

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