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Car Donation in Las Vegas

When you’ve got a vehicle that you’re ready to get rid of, consider using it to make a car donation in Las Vegas, NV. Veteran nonprofits and organizations welcome the funding that can come from donated vehicles — and it empowers them to provide veterans and their families with vital services like grief counseling, housing assistance, job training, and more.

Veteran Car Donations specializes in turning every veteran car donation in Las Vegas, Nevada into support for veteran programs. When you come to us to donate a car to veteran charities, you can rest easy knowing we’ll help you generate maximum support.

Why Choose Veteran Car Donations?

When you want to donate a vehicle to veterans in the city in a way that will provide maximum support to veteran-assisting programs, our organization is the one to trust. We have partnered with some of the best nonprofits and charities in the industry to support veterans and their loved ones.

Here are some other key benefits of making a vehicle donation in Las Vegas through Veteran Car Donations:

How to Make a Vehicle Donation in Las Vegas

With Veteran Car Donations, making a car donation in Las Vegas is effortless. Just get in touch with us and we’ll handle everything else.

  1. Contact us.Either call us or fill out our online donation form to learn more about how to make a car donation in Las Vegas, NV. Once we get a little bit of info on your vehicle, we’ll be glad to set up a time to pick it up.
  2. Let us pickup your car.We’ll come to you and haul away your vehicle at no charge, using it to generate funding for veteran nonprofits.
  3. Wait for your receipt.A few days later, we’ll mail you a receipt, at which point you’re free to cancel insurance and registration details.

The donation process truly is that easy! You get rid of a car you no longer need and deserving veterans get much needed support.

Vehicles We Accept for Donation

Whether you’re interested in donating a car, a truck or a motorcycle, Veteran Car Donations is happy to accept vehicles of all sorts. Even if your vehicle isn’t currently running, we can most likely accept it.

Because we come to you and haul away your vehicle at no charge, it doesn’t matter if it’s working at the time. We accept cars, boats, RVs, SUVs, trucks, vans, golf carts, and more. If you aren’t sure if we can take a certain vehicle, just ask us.

Are you ready to make a vehicle donation in Las Vegas to benefit veterans? All you have to do to jumpstart the quick and easy process is get in touch. Contact us today to give us a little info about your car, and let us handle the rest. Donate Now!

Veteran Car Donations operates in all 50 states.

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