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Help Transform Our Veterans’ Lives

You can create a massive impact in the lives of our veterans when you take part in our Corpus Christi, Texas car donations. You simply need to state your intention to donate your car to us at Veteran Car Donations, and we will take care of the entire donation process. Whether old or new, large or small, non-working or working, your donated car will mean a lot to our servicemen and women.

Our troops could have stayed with their loved ones instead of enlisting in the military and getting deployed in war-ravaged countries such as Iraq and Afghanistan. They chose to put themselves at the vanguard of death just to keep us safe at home. They became our nation’s strength and so are worthy of any assistance we can offer them with to improve their living condition.

As of the latest official estimates, around 453,000 of our veterans are jobless, and 39,471 are without a home. Moreover, there are about 23,883 male and female veterans who live in Corpus Christi, the majority being 35 to 54 years old. The following are the number of Corpus Christi veterans that served in each war:

  • Vietnam: 7,991
  • First Gulf War: 6,742
  • Second Gulf War: 5,900
  • Korea: 1,045
  • WWII: 609

By donating an old vehicle or truck, you will play a dynamic part in supporting our projects and those of our nonprofit government partners. Your donations will also inspire our retired troops, giving them a new hope of a better life.

We make sure your donations are put to worthy causes. That means the funds generated from your Corpus Christi, Texas car donation will be used to provide our poor veterans with education scholarships, tutoring, grief counseling, job training, transition assistance, and specially adapted mortgage-free homes. Call us to learn more about how we will use your donations to improve the well-being of our veterans and their families in your area.


Supporting the Veterans in Corpus Christi, Texas

As veterans return home for good from their foreign deployment, they often confront more challenges than they when they were on the battlefields as they transition to civilian life. After braving bullets and bombs to protect our country and safeguard our freedoms, they now struggle in various aspects of their life. Some have difficulty dealing with mental illness or grief while others need assistance in learning new job skills.

Despite the existence of government programs, there are certain restrictions as to what they can have with the meager resources they are given. Some of our veterans even end up homeless. They are left behind, feeling deserted and disregarded.

With these disheartening facts, choosing to give away an old vehicle or truck to our Corpus Christi, Texas car donations program is critical. Think about it: A thing you no longer value and want to dispose of could give hope and uplift the lives of our veterans.


Reasons to Donate Cars in Corpus Christi, Texas

Helping other people brings loads of happiness and feeling of satisfaction that no amount of money can buy. With your Corpus Christi, Texas car donation, you will experience an immense sense of fulfillment knowing that you will be empowering our unsung heroes. There are various other reasons to donate your vehicle for the benefit of our veterans in the area.

The funds generated by your Corpus Christi, Texas car donation can help veterans in getting housing and medical help, counseling services, work training, and more. Whether it is a watercraft, truck, car, or snowmobile, just give us a call and we will help make your donation process fast and easy.

  • Obtain a handsome tax deduction.

When you donate a vehicle to veterans, you also enjoy the benefits of a significant tax return depending on the amount your car was sold.

  • Save space in your backyard or garage.

Old vehicles are just ugly junks that lay around in your carport or yard. Instead of letting them rot there, consider putting them to good use by donating them to our Corpus Christi, Texas vehicle donations program to support our worthy cause.


How to Donate an Old Vehicle in Corpus Christi, Texas

Donating a car or vehicle to our Corpus Christi, Texas car donations program is fast and easy. There are three basic ways to donate an old car or truck that you no longer use.

One of the most convenient and quickest ways of getting rid of your car is to do it online and donate it to Veteran Car Donations. However, before doing so, you should be aware of every detail concerning your car. Know the year and the model as well as its current location. Provide your contact details on the form before sending it off.

Another method of donating vehicles is by getting in touch with us. While speaking with us on the phone, we will be jotting down all the pertinent information that you will provide regarding a few details about your car and yourself as well. Should you have queries, we have our friendly and committed staff to answer them.

  • Arrange a time for pick up.

If you are wondering whether you can donate a car that is not in good running condition, the answer is yes, that is possible. All that we require is for the car to have a title. But even if you lost the title, we can still help you find a new title for your car so you can donate it. Just give us a call to set up a time and date to pick up the vehicle you plan to donate to our Corpus Christi, Texas car donation program. What is more, towing is free.


Take an Active Role in Uplifting the Lives of Our Veterans

Giving away an old car or truck or any other vehicle to our Corpus Christi, Texas car donations program means that you’re taking an active role in uplifting the lives of our veterans. Contact us at 877-594-5822 and donate today!

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