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Utah Car Donations: Covering Gaps in Government Service to Veterans

Veteran Car Donations partners with leading military and veteran non-profit organizations to help our country’s heroes. For a list of our partners, please check the nonprofits page on our website. Our organization aims to cover the gaps in government service to our veterans.

We look after the welfare of our country’s heroes. A part of the funds generated from Utah car donations is used to educate the public about our veterans’ jobs and their struggles to encourage them to help. Through your generous Utah car donations, we can fund programs to help our heroes in various ways.

The Struggles That Our Heroes Are Facing

Being away from their loved ones is already too much of a burden for our troops. Missing their first child’s birth is even worse. But there are more struggles our veterans are facing after their service. And these struggles are factors that hinder them from getting employed.

Records show that 12.8 percent of the newly discharged veterans are unemployed and only 41 percent prepared for a post-service career. Moreover, the stress of being out in the field is pushing some of our troops to turn to substance abuse, which in turn leads to depression and even suicide.

Here are some statistics on factors affecting veteran employment:

  • One out of 10 veterans has fallen victim to substance abuse.
  • Roughly 20 percent of our troops deployed to Iraq return home with post-traumatic disorder or depression.
  • About 20 percent of female veterans report military sexual trauma.

These factors affect the veterans’ employment. In turn, the additional stress from not finding a job may lead to an increase in the number of suicide rates in vets. The currently estimated count of suicide among veterans is 22 per day. About 14 percent have had suicidal thoughts while 2 percent already attempted to take their own lives.

The Utah car donations program for veterans provides counseling to troops and their families to help them cope with stress.

The program also provides skills and job training for vets who are still physically and mentally able to perform jobs. For our post-9/11 retired military troops who have been severely injured, the fund generated from Utah car donations is used to build mortgage-free specially adapted homes for them.

Beehive State: Utah

The people of Utah relate the beehive symbol to the industry in reference from The Book of Mormon. The state’s nickname recalls the industry of Utahns. The beehive symbol was adopted in 1847 as the state’s official emblem.

The state has great military heritage, Fort Douglas Military Museum holds photographs from the 1920s and other war memorabilia. They also have military and veteran programs to aid our country’s heroes. Veteran Car Donations funds nonprofit organizations dedicated to providing support to our retired military troops after their service.

Utah Car Donations: Donor’s Benefits

You will feel a sense of satisfaction after making Utah car donations, knowing that you will be positively transforming the lives of deserving veterans. Aside from that, there are other perks for you:

  • By donating your car to fund the organization’s veterans programs, you get part of your money back into your pocket through the top tax deductions you will be getting.
  • If you are planning to sell your car, you can avoid repair fees and documentation costs. We accept almost all types of vehicle in running or non-running condition. So, there is no need to make your vehicle “sell-worthy.”
  • You do not have to pay for your vehicle’s insurance and registration.
  • You can reduce your taxable income when you itemize your taxes.

Utah Veteran Car Donations Process

The process of donating your vehicle to help veterans is fast and easy. There are three steps in the process, and it starts when you call Utah Veteran Car Donations at 877-494-4662, or when you fill out the online form on our website.

Our friendly and eager-to-help phone representatives will ask for your vehicle’s information such as your car’s make and model, your preferred time and date for pickup, and your vehicle’s location.

The second step to the process is information confirmation. You do not have to worry about the paperwork. We will process everything for you. Once we verify the information you provided and made arrangements with a local tow company, your vehicle will be picked up in 24 to 48 hours.

The last step is picking up your vehicle. We will then auction off your vehicle. Once it is sold, you will receive a tax receipt from us, informing you of your vehicle’s final selling price.  You can use the receipt for tax purposes.

Now that you know all the details about the Utah car donations program, call us at 877-494-4662 and show that you care for our veterans and willing to help them by donating your old car to us.

Donate a car to Utah veterans today!

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