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Boat Donation In Florida

Our veterans in Florida and elsewhere in the United States have gone through life-threatening missions to protect us and our country. They have put their lives on the line for the welfare of everyone.

When they return from the battlefield and to civilian life, some manage to get their lives back. Unfortunately, many fail or find it hard to do so because for one thing they could not find jobs to support themselves and their families. Some are driven to such extreme poverty that they are kicked out of their rented homes for failure to pay rent, thus adding to the homeless population in America.

Let’s face it: Our government’s assistance, no matter how extensive it may be, is still not enough. Our veterans, our living heroes, deserve a better life.

Let’s not allow our heroes to be forgotten and live in misery for the rest of their lives. If you have a boat or any watercraft, such as a jet ski, that is no longer useful to you, call us at Veteran Car Donations and make a boat donation for Florida organizations that assist our vets. You can make a huge difference in the lives of our veterans when you donate your boat in Florida.

All about the Sunshine State

Florida is widely known as the Sunshine State. In a year, it has a total of 300 days of sunshine. This is one of the reasons why people from all over the world flock to Florida – not only because of its warm weather nearly throughout the year but also because of its warm atmosphere, making it a home for a whopping 20 million people! That makes Florida as the third most populous state in America, next to California and Texas.

Here are some more interesting facts about Florida that you might not know:

  • If you are into golf, then you will love Florida. There is never a shortage of golf here as it has over 1,300 golf courses.
  • It’s Palm Beach County has a lot more golf courses compared to any other county in America. Moreover, you can also find the World Golf Hall of Fame and Museum in St. Augustine, Florida. That’s why a lot of professional golfers call Florida their home.
  • Not only golfers find delight in Florida; orange lovers all over America also love the State. This is because 75 percent of the country’s juices come from Florida. Worldwide, 40 percent of the world’s orange juice supply comes from Florida – that’s a lot of juice!
  • The mean elevation of Florida is only at 100 feet. It means there are not that many hills here. Thus, Florida is also known as the “flat” state. Though the state’s highest natural point, which is Britton Hill, is at 345 feet above sea level, it is actually the lowest high point out of any America’s states.
  • Other than those golf courses, Florida is also a home to many national parks. The only metropolitan area in America that has two national parks is Greater Miami. These parks are namely the impeccable Biscayne National Park and quaint Everglades National Park.

Your Boat Donation in Florida Can Transform Lives

When you donate your boat in Florida, the proceeds will help fund reputable non-profit organizations that are assisting veterans in every way they can. The generated funds will be used to provide the following services to our underprivileged veterans:

  • Basic needs such as food, shelter, and clothing
  • Specially adapted homes for severely disabled veterans
  • Vital medical care
  • Employment and skills training for future job opportunities
  • Support for the families of those who have fallen in battle defending our country and for active military personnel who are still doing their mission of safeguarding our security
  • Assistance in transitioning to civilian life

How to Donate Your Boat in Florida

We provide a hassle-free donation process for you. You don’t have to worry at all about spending too much time, effort, and money just to sell your boat. Donating a boat is quick and easy.

All you need to do is give us a call at 877-594-5822 or fill out our online donation form. We’ll need just a few details about yourself and the boat or watercraft you’re donating.

We will then schedule your boat pick-up at a time, date, and place convenient to you.

After towing your vehicle, we will sell it at auction. Within 30 days after your boat is sold, we’ll send you a tax-deductible sales receipt through the mail. Keep the receipt since you can use this in claiming your top tax deduction in the next federal tax filing season.

We take care of everything from paperwork up to the free towing of your boat. You also don’t have to worry about privacy. Your information is safe with us.

Donate Your Boat in Florida Today!

Veteran Car Donations accepts a wide variety of watercraft. We accept:

  • All-purpose fishing boats
  • High-performance boats
  • Houseboats
  • Sailboats
  • Pontoon boats
  • Inflatable boats
  • Jet skis
  • Yachts
  • Trawlers

We also accept other types of vehicles such as cars, motorcycles, vans, RVs, and a whole lot more.

Let’s do something to give our heroic veterans the good life that they deserve. Contact us at 877-594-5822 and arrange to make your boat donation in Florida!

Veteran Car Donations operates in all 50 states.

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