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Help Veterans Get Their Lives Back With Your Phoenix, Arizona Boat Donations

If your old boat has become more of a burden than a blessing, consider joining our Phoenix boat donations program for the benefit of the veterans in your community. Rather than selling your boat, giving it away to charity could be the best financial decision that you could make at this point.


How Your Old Boat Can Bring New Hope to Our Veterans

There is a way to get rid of your unwanted boat without lifting a finger other than to make a call. Put an end to your misery and donate it to Veteran Car Donations. We’ve partnered with well-known nonprofit organizations that are committed to providing these comprehensive services geared toward empowering our ex-military servicemen and women as they transition into civilian life:

  • Grief counseling for the families of fallen heroes;
  • Job training programs to acquire technical and specialized skills needed for specific jobs;
  • Mortgage-free housing;
  • Specially adapted homes for physically incapacitated veterans;
  • Tutoring support and educational scholarships for those who want to get a college degree;
  • Raising public awareness on the challenges that our troops face after their assignments are over;
  • Educating veterans and their families regarding the benefits that are available to them.

The proceeds from your boat donation in Phoenix will help fund these programs and give needy veterans and their families in Phoenix the chance to enjoy life again.

What’s Behind Phoenix’s Nickname

It’s interesting to find out how the city of Phoenix got its nickname, “Valley of the Sun.” It was coined in the 1930’s for an advertising slogan to promote tourism. Apparently, folks those days wanted to come up with something more original than its old moniker, “Denver of the Southwest.”

The truth of the matter is, Phoenix is actually the Salt River Valley. The Valley of the Salt is the area in which deposited river materials such as rock, gravel or sand, cover the bedrock. It’s a broad, flat valley because for centuries, the river deposited these materials all over the place.


How to Donate Your Boat in the ‘Valley of the Sun’


Today is a good day to get your burdensome boat off your shoulders. Making boat donations is insanely fast and ridiculously easy. Here’s how:

We won’t take much of your precious time. Just give us your basic contact information, your boat’s year, make and model, and we’re done.

  • We’ll have a local towing company haul your boat away for FREE.

As soon as you give us your best schedule for your boat to be towed away, we’ll make it happen free of charge! You won’t even have to be present when we tow it away!

  • We’ll send you the required tax deduction paperwork by mail.

Making boat donations to Veteran Car Donations will make you eligible for a top tax deduction.


What You Get in Return

If you really think about it, you will gain more than what you think if you give your boat away to charity. Not only will you make our veterans happy, you’ll get your own set of rewards as well! Let’s explore the benefits that you will get for participating in our Phoenix boat donations program:

  • We’ll pay for pickup and towing!

We want you to have your boat out of your property with as minimal hassle as possible without costing you a penny. So, towing’s on us!

  • Paperwork? We’ll handle it!

We mean to spoil you big time. When you make a boat donation to us, we’ll make sure that our team will handle any documentation concerns that you may have until the title transfer is completed.

  • Financial freedom!

As time flies and your unwanted boat floats in a rented marina slip, you realize that keeping it is going to suck the life out of your finances. You have to pay to get it polished, stock up on gas for trips, renew towing subscriptions, pay insurance, pay for a slip, pay for repairs, and this list goes on and on.

Most people take standard deductions. However, if you itemize your deductions, donating your boat would mean a huge tax write-off.


It’s Time to Move On

If you really want that old boat of yours off your hands while helping veterans who are jobless, homeless and in need of medical attention, donate it to Veteran Car Donations. Contact us online or call 877-594-5822 and get free towing services for your boat donations!

Veteran Car Donations operates in all 50 states.

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