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Pontoon Boat Donations

Donors of boats, including pontoon boats, have become some of the biggest supporters of Veteran Car Donations’ various programs to generate funds for the thousands of our impoverished veterans.

When you donate a pontoon boat to charity, you enable our nonprofit partners to continue providing life-sustaining services to our retired troops who are considered as modern-day heroes for their courage in defending our nation’s freedoms and ensuring our security.


Pontoon Boats and Why They’re Becoming More Popular

Pontoon boats are boats that have large, flat decks mounted atop two or more metal tubes called pontoons. Boats that have three pontoons are sometimes called “tri-toons.”

Because of their high buoyancy, pontoon boats allow designers to install all sorts of accommodations on their decks such as large lounge areas, stand-up bars, and sun pads. These boats are gaining in popularity as evidenced by their soaring sales figures. The earlier pontoon boats had limited speed, but now, they are faster and steadier, thanks to advances in pontoon tube design, new boatbuilding materials, more efficient outboard engines and other improvements.


Donating Pontoon Boats: Why?

As builders continue to develop new and better pontoon boats, you may want to dispose of your old one and purchase a new model that will enhance your satisfaction level and bring you and your family greater fun and excitement at sea. If this is the case, do consider donating your sea vessel to our pontoon boat donations program.

The proceeds from the sale of your pontoon boats will greatly help us and our partners in providing medical assistance to our retired and active troops.

The beneficiaries of your pontoon donations will not be limited to the men and women of the U.S. armed forces. As donors, you will have your own set of perks as well.


Fast and Easy Pontoon Boat Donations Process

Donating your pontoon boats will take up just a few minutes of your time. And it will bring you rewards as well, including eligibility to claim a top tax deduction.

Even if your pontoon boat needs some repairs, Veteran Car Donations will accept it as it is. There is no need to take it for repairs. When you donate a pontoon boat, you also would not have to worry anymore about insurance and registration costs. We will also process all paper works.


How Your Pontoon Boat Donations Will Help Our Veterans

The proceeds from your pontoon boat donations will enable our military and veteran nonprofit organization partners to pursue their programs that provide various forms of assistance to our troops, both active and retired, and their families as well. You, in effect, will be funding these programs for our retired troops:

  • Medical assistance – This goes to retired troops and their families, particularly those not receiving government assistance.
  • Education support and job and skills training – This goes to undergraduate veterans who will have better chances of finding jobs that pay well once they finish college.
  • Mortgage-free especially adapted homes –Living in these homes, our disabled veterans would no longer have to live on the streets. Moreover, the special facilities inside will enable them to live their lives more comfortably.

By giving away your pontoon boat, you will also help address the various problems besetting many of our veterans and brightening their outlook on life in doing so.


The Major Problems Faced By Many of Our Veterans

Among the problems faced by many of our retired troops, three are uppermost:

  • Unemployment — Many of our veterans are still having a hard time finding good jobs with salaries that can support their family’s needs. The problem is worse for those who became disabled as a result of the wounds they suffered in combat.
  • Homelessness – Retired soldiers who could not find jobs and who have been abandoned by their families and friends are now struggling to eke out a living on the streets.
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) or clinical depression — Many of our veterans developed mental illnesses during their deployment in Iraq and Afghanistan, leading to suicide in the worst cases.


The Pontoon Boat Donation Process

Step 1: Fill out our online donation form. In lieu of this, you may also call us at 877-494-4662. Our phone representatives will walk you through the donations process and provide you all the necessary information. You may need to provide the following information:

  • Your pontoon boat’s make and model
  • Preferred time and date for pick-up
  • Pick-up location

Step 2: Veteran Car Donations will verify the information you provided and will make arrangements with the local tow company for pick-up.

Step 3: Your boat will be picked up and the tow company will give you a receipt to release you from liability. You may use the receipt to file for tax purposes.

Your pontoon boat will be taken to auction. Once it is sold, Veteran Car Donations will send you a letter to inform you of the final selling price together with your tax receipt, which you will need in claiming your tax deduction.

Help keep our needy veterans afloat amid the sea of troubles they are in today. Donate your pontoon boats and get tax deductions in return. Call 844-494-4662 to learn more.

Veteran Car Donations operates in all 50 states.

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