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Show our veterans some love by making Sea Ray donations! Nothing compares to the joy of knowing that your gift will enable our nation’s heroes to receive the assistance they badly need. Plus, when you donate a Sea Ray, it’s a great opportunity for you to take advantage of the rewards that await donors.


Reality Bites: The Plight of Our Veterans

Contrary to what some of us might have thought, the life of a soldier is far from easy – even after the completion of their service. Our troops endured long periods of being away from their loved ones while on training and during overseas deployment. Following their return home and subsequent retirement or discharge from the service, you probably thought our troops would now have easier and less stressful lives to live. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case for many of them.

While they were fighting for us to defend our liberties and protect our security, the things they saw, felt, and did left their bodies and minds deeply scarred. Many of them struggled with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and other mental health issues that adversely affected their relationship with their own families and others. With their psychological problems left untreated, some turned to drugs and alcohol to try and cope with their condition.

Furthermore, many of those who returned home with service-related injuries and disabilities found it difficult to land stable and rewarding jobs that could sustain their needs and those of their families. When things got worse, they lost their homes and became part of the country’s homeless population.


How Sea Ray Donations Benefit Our Veterans

We at Veteran Car Donations, along with our IRS-certified 501(c)3 nonprofit partners, are on a mission to restore the dignity and transform the lives of our struggling veterans and their families. We want them to experience the best transition process as they reintegrate themselves into society. We help provide them with what they need by raising funds through various vehicle donations programs, with our Sea Ray donations program being one of them.

Even as we cater to veterans and their families, we also look after the interests of our donors. We have gained a reputation for providing the best possible service to our donors. Our simple and straightforward donation process guarantees them a convenient, quick, and hassle-free giving experience.

When you give a Sea Ray to charity with Veteran Car Donations, we’ll auction it off in one of the best auction houses within our network. We’ll use the proceeds from the sale of your Sea Ray donation to support our charity partners’ programs and services. These include the following:

  • Providing homes equipped with special features to make movements easier for veterans who have service-connected disabilities and injuries;
  • Educational scholarships and financial support to veterans who didn’t get a chance to obtain college degrees before they enlisted in the military;
  • Job placements for veterans who want to join the civilian workforce;
  • Mental health care for veterans who suffer from PTSD and other mental health issues.


Fast Facts About Sea Ray Boats

Sea Ray is considered one of the most authentic American boat brands in the industry. It was founded by Cornelius Nathaniel Ray in 1959. Other than that, here are some interesting facts about Sea Ray Boats:

Sea Ray is considered one of the most authentic American boat brands in the industry. It was founded by Cornelius Nathaniel Ray in 1959. Other than that, here are some interesting facts about Sea Ray Boats:

  • It was the first American boat brand imported from Spain.
  • Sea Ray was the first company in the United States to incorporate fiberglass into its boats.
  • It is well-known for the top-of-the-line boats it sells such as the Sundancer Range and the L series boats, which were introduced in 2014.
  • It pioneered the idea of incorporating a bathing platform in a boat.
  • Sea Ray has received numerous national and international rewards for the high quality of the boats it produces.


Why Donate Your Sea Ray Boat?

Your donation will benefit not just the veterans in your community since you’ll get your own share of rewards as well. Here are the perks that will come with your Sea Ray donation:

  1. Enjoy our quick and painless donation process.

We made our donation process quick and easy for our donors. All you have to do is call us at 877-594-5822 or fill out our online donation form. After we confirm your given information about you and your Sea Ray, we’ll schedule the towing of your boat at a time, day, and location convenient to you.

Next, we’ll send a licensed tow truck to haul off your Sea Ray at no cost to you. We’ll then auction off your boat. Once it’s sold, we’ll send you your 100% tax-deductible sales receipt by mail. You can then use this receipt to claim your tax deduction in the next tax season.

  1. Enjoy hassle-free disposal of your vehicle.

Donating your boat to charity instead of reselling it frees you from the responsibility of having to go through the hassles of finding buyers, posting ads, and talking to would-be buyers. You also avoid disclosing your personal information to strangers, which could pose a risk to your safety. 

  1. Save money.

Donating your boat will help you save money since you no longer have to spend precious money on storage, insurance, maintenance, and repairs. Plus, you’ll also save money from the tax deduction you’ll receive after your boat is sold at auction.

  1. Paperwork processing is on us.

We’ll take care of the processing of all your donation paperwork.

For more information on our vehicle donation program, check out our FAQs page. For inquiries, you can call us anytime at 877-594-5822 or send us a message online.

You can donate to Veteran Car Donations by either calling us or filling out our online donation form. We accept not just Sea Ray boats but other watercraft as well as nearly all types of vehicles, including cars, vans, trucks, motorcycles, and even non-commercial airplanes. You can make your donation wherever you are in the United States since we have vehicle donation programs in all 50 states.


Give Back to Our Heroes Today!

Think of your boat donation as a way to thank our veterans for their invaluable service to our nation. Give back to our heroes by taking part in our Sea Ray donations program! Call us at 877-594-5822 to get started with your donation now!

Veteran Car Donations operates in all 50 states.

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