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Agoura Hills, California Car Donations: Help Our Veterans Get Back on Their Feet

Donating a car to our Agoura Hills, California car donations program may be of no significance to you, but to the brave veterans who have successfully defended our country, it plays a vital role. By handing over to us a car that you no longer want or need, you’re giving our retired troops a chance to enjoy life the second time around.

It’s not fair that our veterans are unable to receive the full support they truly deserve. They have done so much for us, risking their very own lives just to protect ours. If it weren’t for them, our country might be in shambles right now.

Instead of being honored for their bravery and devotion to our country, many of our former servicemen and women are forgotten upon being dismissed or retired from the service. Many of them struggle to find work to sustain their daily needs. Some even end up homeless, without anyone to support them.

With the lack of support from our government, Veteran Car Donations makes it a point to help out our former troops who are in need. We team up with reputable nonprofit organizations that aim to help our veterans get back on their feet. Your donated car becomes a source of funding for these nonprofits, enabling them to initiate assistance programs such as skills training, mentoring, and grief counseling.

By contributing to our car donations program in the area, you’re making a huge impact in the lives of our heroes and their families.

How the Donation Process Works

Here at Veteran Car Donations, we make the donation process very simple and efficient that you no longer have to worry about doing the paperwork or go look for a cheap towing company. Because of your concern for our troops and their families, we like to return the favor by providing you a stress-free donation procedure.

We know how troublesome it is for most people to deal with loads of documents, which is why we’ll be taking that responsibility away from you. Wasting time and money for a towing service wouldn’t be a problem for you either. Trust us; we have it all in our hands.

Once you’ve made up your mind to contribute to our Agoura Hills, California car donations program, reach out to us. Tell us about your decision through the phone or by filling out our online donation form. Provide us details about your vehicle, including its make and model.

When we see that your car is eligible for donation, we’ll arrange a schedule for it to be picked up. Of course, the time and place will be at your own convenience. You don’t even have to be around when the tow truck that we hired arrives. We will hand you a donation receipt that will release you from all liabilities, which means you can now de-register your vehicle, dispose of your license plates properly, and cancel your insurance coverage, thus saving you money.

We will auction off your Agoura Hills, California car donations, with the proceeds going straight to local military nonprofits that aim to provide a better future for our retired troops and their families.  Expect a 100 percent tax-deductible sales receipt from us shortly after your car is sold. This will serve as the basis of your top tax deduction claim when you file your itemized income tax return.

So this is basically how the entire donation process works with us. Sounds really convenient, don’t you think?

The Benefits of Joining Our Agoura Hills, California Car Donations Program

Want to know why Veteran Car Donations sounds like a perfect choice when you wish to donate a car in Agoura Hills, California? Apart from the fact that you’ll be experiencing a smooth-sailing donation process, you also have the opportunity to enjoy several rewards when you donate an automobile to us.

When you decide to donate to our Agoura Hills, California car donations program, expect good things to come your way. To give you an idea of what we’re talking about, check out the list below:

  • Receive potential huge tax deductions
  • Save more money by canceling your car’s insurance and registration details
  • No need to stress over advertising your car and looking for buyers
  • No need to make negotiations
  • Dispose an unwanted car at no cost
  • Free towing and pickup
  • Extra space for your driveway, garage, or yard
  • Feeling of joy knowing that you’re making a difference in the lives of our veterans with your Agoura Hills, California car donations

Types of Vehicles Qualified for Veteran Car Donations

Veteran Car Donations accepts almost all sorts of vehicles, whether or not they are in running condition. Because a tow truck will take care of the hauling, there’s no need for you to worry about a non-running automobile. So if you’re planning to donate a car that’s barely functioning, feel free to do so!

From watercraft such as jet skis, boats or yachts, to land vehicles like campers, vans, scooters or trucks, we’ll be more than glad to have them on our Agoura Hills, California car donations program. Veteran Car Donations is also open to accepting specialty vehicles. By those, we mean ATVs, farm equipment, snowmobiles, and even a motorized wheelchair.

In case you’re having reservations about the eligibility of your vehicle, just let us know by giving us a call. We’ll be happy to entertain you.

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