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Carlsbad Car Donations Benefit Veterans

There are roughly 22 million veterans in the United States today, and funds earmarked for assistance for them are tight. Still, these brave men and women answered the call to defend our country and we all owe them a debt of gratitude.

Unfortunately, many veterans return home with physical injuries, post traumatic stress disorder or other mental or physical problems that make it hard for them to work and earn a living; indeed, some have such major issues that daily living is a struggle.

Do you often wonder what you can do to help?

We have a suggestion – Call Carlsbad car donations!

Carlsbad, California

Living in the Carlsbad, California area is great; it is close to San Diego, Tamarack Surf Beach and South Carlsbad State Beach areas that lure people to the Pacific shore for relaxation and leisure.

The Legoland amusement park offers rides, water features and the Sea Life Aquarium. The Leo Carrillo Ranch Historic Park is set in a canyon and filled with beautiful, roaming peacocks.

It’s an idyllic place to call home. In fact, in such an amazing location that forgetting about homeless veterans might be easy. That is until you meet one and take the time to listen to their story.

Veterans and homelessness

Did you know that HUD estimates that 39,471 veterans are homeless? Worse, about 1.4 million more are at risk because of poverty, dismal or overcrowded housing and a lack of support networks.

Also, an inability to work steadily because of issues stemming from their time in the service is problematic. Physical issues sometimes make mobility difficult, and problems with drug or alcohol abuse or mental damage caused by their time in the service are all factors. These troubles often affect family relationships, and unfortunately, estrangements and divorces are much too common.

How you can help veterans

While you may know and care about the homeless veteran problem, you may feel powerless to do much to help. Yet, you don’t need to have a lot of extra cash laying around to make a difference in one or more veteran’s lives!

If you have a car sitting in your driveway that nobody drives anymore, consider a car donation. Other types of vehicles are in demand as well. Vehicle donation is simple with Carlsbad Car Donations, and you can make an RV donation, a motorcycle donation, a truck donation or even a golf cart donation. All of them offer a lot of value and assistance for veterans that need our help.

The car donation process is simple

If you have a car that needs to go but don’t want to deal with the problems that can come from trying to sell it – advertising it, showing it to strangers you might not be comfortable with, going to the license bureau to finish up the sale – you have a better alternative!

How do you donate a car?

Car donation in Carlsbad is simple. Just give us a call and we will handle the entire process. We accept almost all vehicles whether they are running or not. The paperwork needed to donate your car and the title documentation will be processed by us. Of course, we will collect the car from your yard, leaving you a perfect spot for a flower or vegetable garden.

Why you should donate your car to Carlsbad Car Donations

Donations to the Veteran Car Donations organization benefit our military veterans and allow you to deduct the market value of your donated vehicle from your taxes. How is that for a win-win situation? You get a break on what you pay Uncle Sam while helping our heroes.

There is no hassle to the process of donation. No negotiating what the vehicle is worth or allowing strangers to nitpick the vehicle for scratches and dings. You won’t need to go for test drives with someone that you only just met or visit the bank or the clerk’s office to handle title paperwork and complete the transfer process.

Calling us makes the donation process a breeze. We will come out and collect the vehicle and the title while giving you proof of donation to satisfy the Internal Revenue Service. Veteran Car Donations will then make any repairs needed and turn it into cash that we can use for veteran’s services in the Carlsbad area.

Call us today and you will have more room in your yard tomorrow along with the great feeling that comes from helping someone who truly deserves it. Donate Now!

Veteran Car Donations operates in all 50 states.

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