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Wanna know how such a simple thing of making an El Cajon, California car donation can make a huge change in the lives of our veterans? By working with Veteran Car Donations, you are also helping the families of our nation’s heroes.

Serving in the military means putting one’s life in danger to protect the country and the people in it. For our troops, risking their lives in combat wars is just another day at the office. Every single day seems to be a battle for them, with the frightening thought that it might just be their last.

You might think that everything will go well for them once their duty is over. Sadly, that has never been the case for most. As a matter of fact, the government can only do so little to give them the support they really deserved.

This is where Veteran Car Donations comes in. Together with military nonprofit organizations, we provide support to our brave heroes. Among the free services offered to veterans include vocational training, housing assistance, tutoring, and providing specialty homes for the injured and disabled soldiers.

If you happen to be in California and want to take part in helping our troops, feel free to donate to our El Cajon, California car donation program. You’ll definitely bring smiles to their faces!

Meet the “Big Box” of California: El Cajon

Located in San Diego County, El Cajon is known to be the agrarian heartland and communications center of the county. With an estimate of 103,768 residents, the city is situated in a valley surrounded by mountains, thus earning the title of the “Big Box”.

El Cajon is home to Taylor Guitars, which is named as the number one manufacturer of acoustic guitars in the country. The city’s also noted for being the founder of Solid Gold, an industry that produces holistic pet foods.

Several tourist attractions found in El Cajon are the San Diego Zoo, San Diego Wild Animal Park, Balboa Park, and the Knott’s Berry Farm. Also found within the area’s boundaries is the Gillespie Field, the city’s very own airport.

The Big Box also prides itself for producing baseball legends from the Major League, including the Boone family, Tony Clark, Kevin Correia, and Kurt Bevacqua. Seven-time NASCAR champ Jimmie Johnson is also a proud native of the city, as well as the late famed musician Frank Zappa.

How to Donate a Car in El Cajon California

Don’t know where to donate cars in El Cajon, California? Have any questions on how to donate cars to charities in El Cajon, California? Try Veteran Car Donations.

What’s a better way to dispose of your old vehicle than to donate it to our El Cajon California car donation program? Making a car donation isn’t as complicated as you think, that is, if you do it with us.

When you donate a car in El Cajon, California, you might as well work with Veteran Car Donations. Why? We make things trouble-free for you!

Making an El Cajon, California car donation with us will guarantee you a favorable process. We will handle everything from the paperwork to the free towing of your vehicle. All you gotta do is contact us and the rest is up to us.

Once you’ve given us the details about your vehicle, we’ll schedule a free pickup at your own convenience. Your vehicle will be auctioned in order to generate funding for nonprofits that support our veterans.

A few days after donating your vehicle to us, you will receive a tax receipt from us. With this in hand, you’re free to stop your car’s insurance and registration. See how easy it is to make an El Cajon, CA car donation with us?

What Vehicles Do You Take

At Veteran Car Donations, many kinds of vehicles are accepted, including ones that are not in working condition. Give us your motorhomes, trailers, tugboats, trucks, or any farm equipment! Whatever you got, you’re sure to make a veteran happy.

For your information, here are other types of vehicles we accept for our El Cajon, California car donation program:

  • Minivans and cargo vans
  • Fleet vehicles
  • SUVs
  • Yachts
  • Helicopters
  • Cars
  • Boats
  • RVs

Have more than one vehicle to donate as El Cajon, CA car donations? Veteran Car Donations is more than happy to accept them!


Benefits to Enjoy When Making a Car Donation

Making car donations in El Cajon, California with Veteran Car Donations can serve you really well. Of course, who wouldn’t want to enjoy the benefits of doing a good deed? Definitely not you!

When there’s bad karma, there’s always good karma. Here are the benefits you can enjoy when you make an El Cajon, California car donation with us:

  • Free vehicle towing at your preferred time and place
  • No more paperwork
  • No more advertising
  • No need to insure and maintain your car
  • Vacant space for your garage or driveway
  • Potential top tax deductions
  • The feeling of light-heartedness knowing that you’re helping our servicemen and women

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