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La Palma, California Car Donations: Help Our Veterans Today and Be a Hero

Our heroes are not being treated like heroes. Despite the U.S. government providing support to millions of our retired troops, there are still many veterans who desperately need help.

Our nonprofit organization, Veteran Car Donations, in La Palma, California aims to bridge the gap and provide assistance to underserved veterans.

Official records show that one in nine retired troops lives below the poverty line and that 13 percent of the homeless population in the country comprises of veterans. The official veteran unemployment rate is at 10 percent. However, this number increased to 13 percent when the number of soldiers who returned home from Iraq with disabilities was added. Walmart store once committed to hiring retired troops during the term of President Barack Obama, paying them $26,000 a year, just a little above the poverty line.

Post-traumatic stress disorder became an epidemic among our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. At the height of the epidemic, 40 percent of our troops returned home with clinical depression. Experts said events in combat cause anxiety, nightmare, and flashbacks that are now haunting some of our veterans. These mental disorders have pushed some of our veterans to commit suicide.

Where Your Car Donations Will Go

You can help ease the sufferings of our veterans by contributing to our La Palma, California car donations program. The proceeds from the sale of your donated vehicles will go to our military and veteran nonprofit organization partners that are undertaking programs to ease our veterans’ transition to civilian life.

One of their programs provides skills and job training to help veterans find decent jobs. Another program provides counseling for retired troops and their families to help them cope with challenges. Your participation in our La Palma, California car donations will help provide funds for these programs.

 How You Benefit From La Palma, California Car Donations

When you donate your vehicle to Veteran Car Donations in La Palma, California, the sense of fulfillment that this charitable act brings is not your only reward. There are more perks and benefits when you decide to help and transform lives.

One of the perks is getting your taxable income lowered after you when you file for a top tax deduction. You will be entitled to do this right after we pick up your donated vehicle.

Another perk applies to people who are caught in the middle of the process of trying to sell their car but not having enough money for repairs before the sale could happen. Veteran Car Donations in La Palma, California will take your car as it is. We accept almost all types of vehicles, whether in running or non-running condition. So you do not have to worry about making your car “sell-worthy.”

Moreover, our La Palma, California car donations process is guaranteed to be fast and easy. We will process everything for you.

La Palma, California Car Donations Process

Our La Palma, California car donations process consists of three easy steps.

First, you can go to our website and fill out our donation form. Or you can give us a call at 877-978-1070. Our eager-to-help phone representative will walk you through the process and provide the necessary information about the process.

You will need to provide these bits of information:

  • Your car’s make and model
  • Your preferred time and date for your car’s pick-up
  • Where we can pick up your vehicle

The next step is verification. We will verify the information you provided and then make arrangements with a local tow company. The local tow company will call you to give you further information.

The last step is the towing of your vehicle. When the tow truck arrives, the tow company will give you a receipt to release you from all liabilities. You may use the receipt to file for tax deductions.

Your vehicle will then be auctioned and the proceeds will be forwarded to our nonprofit partners that will use the funds to pursue their various programs for the benefit of our veterans.

A few days after your vehicle is sold, we will send you a letter to give your tax receipt and inform you of your vehicle’s final selling price. You will use the tax receipt when you claim for your tax deduction.

Help our veterans today and be their hero. Donate your vehicle to La Palma, California car donations now. Call us at 877-978-1070 to learn more.

La Palma, California: A City That Was Once Called Dairyland

The 31st best place to live in the United States is La Palma, which is in the Orange County of California. The city was once called Dairyland but changed it in 1965 after the dairies moved to the east.

The city boasts of a large public library and an art museum. The stunning view over the lake over Fullerton Creek is one of the top sceneries in the city. Moreover, the Central Park and the El Rancho Verde are good places to take your family for fun rides.

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