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Hawaii Car Donations: Donate an Old Vehicle and Empower Our Veterans

Have you ever wished to contribute to philanthropic works yet do not have sufficient financial means to turn your dream into reality? Our Hawaii car donations program is one effective way to give back to our veterans without using your savings. Through vehicle donation, you also receive a handsome tax deduction.According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, in 2016, there were around 20.9 million veterans. This number accounted for roughly 9 percent of the civilian population. Approximately 10 percent of the veterans were women. Today, the unemployment rate for our veterans is progressively increasing.

Veteran Car Donations is a proud non-profit organization that works with other charitable institutions to help improve the living conditions of our troops and their families. The organization encourages everyone to take part in helping the veterans of our country through car donations.


Hawaii: The Aloha State

Hawaii is the 50th state of America, located close to the middle of the North Pacific Ocean. In the past, Hawaii was a center for pineapple, whaling, and sugar industries. Presently, the state is economically reliant on the U.S. military and tourism.

Hawaii has a natural beauty that remains to be the most distinctive feature of the state. The state’s cultural hub and largest city is Honolulu. With more than 19 volcanic islands situated in the Central Pacific, Hawaii is considered an archipelago.

The islands of Hawaii provide a large number of activities. From ukulele to hula dance lessons, the state never fails to keep the tourists busy. Eco-tours and hiking are also popular, along with ATV, horseback riding, air tours, as well as other means of exploring the entire landscape.

Historical sites and museums are found all over the islands. Cultural shows, including those held at the Polynesian Cultural Center, draw tourists and locals alike. More than anything else, Hawaii is widely recognized for its water activities and beautiful beaches.

For water enthusiasts, Hawaii is a great place to surf, snorkel, and scuba dive. Moreover, parasailing, jet skiing, and kayaking are popular activities in the tourist areas. With all these great places to see in Hawaii, it would also be gratifying to witness generous individuals donate their old vehicles to Veteran Car Donations for the benefit of Hawaii veterans.


Supporting the Veterans in Hawaii

Currently, there are 112,217 veterans in Hawaii. Of this figure, 5 percent are unemployed and 6.1 percent live in poverty. This is the sad reality facing some of our veterans. With all the sacrifices they rendered to protect and defend our country and preserve our rights, our veterans do not deserve to be in such desolate situation.

Just like everyone else, our veterans could have opted to stay home and be with their family. But they chose to be on the battlefields for the sake of our country and our people. They opted to be freedom fighters. They opted to be our country’s pillars of courage and bravery.

Now that their deployment task is through, they need every support our organization can offer them with. They need training, employment opportunities, grief counseling, and housing assistance. Veteran Car Donations cannot do this alone. We need the help of generous people who are willing to give away their old cars and trucks.

Our Hawaii car donations program accepts many types of vehicles for donations. We turn these vehicles into resources that can help fund our veterans’ needs.


How to Donate a Car in Hawaii

We work alongside other nonprofit organizations to empower and support our veterans. Our organization aims to gather as much funding as possible through Hawaii car donations. When you donate your old cars or trucks, we use the proceeds from the sale of these vehicles to support our veterans’ employment training, medical care, and mental health care.Our Hawaii car donations program follows a simple three-step process.

  • Contact us. Give us a call or fill out our online donation form. An organization staff will then begin the donation process.
  • Specify a towing time and day, and we will handle all the remaining tasks, including completion of paperwork, auctioning, and selling your donated car.
  • As soon as your car is sold, Veteran Car Donations will mail you the sales receipt for records and tax deduction purposes.


Reasons to Join Our Hawaii Car Donations Program

Joining our Hawaii car donations program with the sole purpose of helping our veterans can bring satisfaction and happiness that is beyond measure. So, why not give away your old car? Here are the top three reasons why you should do so:

  • Empower our veterans and help uplift their living condition
  • Receive a significant tax deduction
  • Unclog your garage or yard by getting rid of your old vehicles

Donate today and help empower the lives of our unsung heroes. Contact us at 877-594-5822 now for your Hawaii car donations!

Donate a car to Hawaii veterans today!

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