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Mississippi Car Donations: Groups Supporting Vets Need Your Help

When our troops complete their tour of duty overseas, some of them leave the service or are discharged upon returning home. However, many of them end up unemployed and experience difficulties in finding a stable job and adjusting to civilian life. Non-profit organizations such as the Veteran Car Donations fill the gap by helping our veterans obtain counseling, job training, transition assistance, house building, and more.

But for these organizations to be able to provide such services to our veterans, we need your help. Veteran Car Donations in Mississippi is doing its best to come up with effective ways to gather funding sources for the veterans that would fund the different programs designed for them. If you have a vehicle that you no longer need, consider taking part in Mississippi car donations.

Mississippi: The Magnolia State

Mississippi is a state that derived its name from the French word “Messipi,” which means “Great River.” It was in 1817 when Mississippi became part of the Union and was hailed as the 20th state. During the early part of the 19th century, the state was a top producer of cotton.

In the middle part of the 1960’s, Mississippi started the production of commercial catfish. Belzoni in Mississippi was recognized as the Catfish Capital of the World and hosts the yearly catfish festival.

Help Our Veterans through Car Donations in Mississippi

In a data released by the, as of 2012, there were 200,748 veterans living in Mississippi, 279 of whom were homeless, and 3.9 percent unemployed. Reflecting on these numbers, it is disheartening to realize that while we sleep comfortably in our bed every night, we have people who have sacrificed so much for our country but who do not even have a roof over their heads.

These people are extraordinary individuals who bravely fought to secure our rights and protect our freedoms. And though they had the option to stay in their country and enjoy life with their loved ones, they chose instead the hard path when they opted to join the military, which then deployed them to overseas combat missions.

Our veterans truly deserve every help we can offer them. Mississippi car donations welcome all kindhearted souls who are willing to donate their old unused cars. Veteran Car Donations accepts almost all types of vehicles for donations. We transform these cars into resources to assist in meeting the needs of our veterans.

Reasons for Making Mississippi Car Donations

Whether it is a new riding lawnmower or an old pickup truck that you want to get rid of, when you take part in our Mississippi car donations program, you play a critical part in transforming the lives of our veterans.

The process is simple and easy, and it creates a meaningful difference in the lives of struggling heroes. Here are some of the perks that you can get from Mississippi car donations.

  • All logistics are taken care of by us. You don’t need to haggle, advertise, or deal with anyone when selling.
  • We pick up your car without cost to you.
  • We mail you the tax receipt for tax deduction purposes.
  • You gain freedom from any accountability pertaining to maintenance, storage, and insurance of your vehicle.
  • Uplift the lives of our veterans and their families.

Cars You Can Donate to Mississippi Veterans

If you are not sure whether or not your vehicle is acceptable for Mississippi car donations, we have great news for you! We accept almost all models and makes. And because we pick up your vehicle when it is donated, you don’t need to be concerned whether it is in running condition. Every single donation is a big help.

The types of vehicles accepted for donations include trucks, SUVs, cars, vans, sports cars, motorcycles, jet skis, riding lawn mowers, and watercraft.

How Mississippi Car Donations Work

Veteran Car Donations works alongside other nonprofit organizations to inspire and provide assistance to our troops. If you are considering donating your car, you’d be glad to know that we made everything simple. You need to follow only three simple steps.

  1. Contact us by calling or filling out our online form, providing us all the basic information regarding your vehicle.
  2. Let us pick up your vehicle. We will be setting up a time to come and haul away your vehicle free of charge.
  3. We send you the tax receipt by mail. All the funding from your donation will be given to the different programs that cater to our veterans. As soon as you get your tax receipt, you are free to cancel the registration details and insurance, and that’s it!

Call Us and Help Transform Lives

Taking part in Mississippi car donations is a powerful way to transform lives. Are you interested in donating your old vehicle to help the veterans? Call Veteran Car Donations at 877-594-5822 and enjoy a well-structured donation experience from start to finish. Donate today!

Click on the city closest to you for more information on donating your vehicle.

NOTE: We accept most vehicles in most conditions. See disclaimer below.*