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Cape May, New Jersey Car Donations: Our Struggling Veterans Need Your Help!

Our Cape May, New Jersey car donations program is helping a growing number of needy veterans in the city. However, despite the help, many of Cape May’s veterans still barely get by. Our modern-day heroes, our former troops who fought for us and risked their lives to protect our nation and secure our freedom, now need your help in the most difficult phase of their life.

Many think that deployment is the hardest part of military life. However, research reveals that dismissal is usually the most difficult. Many of our veterans have trouble coping with life as civilians.

Research also shows that many veterans suffer from physical trauma after dismissal. Many are forced to live the rest of their life as persons with disabilities. Dependency on painkillers becomes a major danger in these times.

Mental health issues also plague our former troops. Veterans often experience depression and anxiety after dismissal. This has caused a handful of deeply troubled veterans to commit suicide.

More Problems Facing Our Veterans

Unhealthy coping mechanisms also plague veterans. Alcoholism and domestic violence are common among depressed veterans. This often comes as a consequence of their time in the field.

The neck-to-neck competition in the corporate world is also a big problem for our veterans. They often lack training, skills, and experience. This diminishes their employment opportunities.

It is because of these circumstances that veterans often suffer from poverty. A large number of impoverished veterans are also at risk of homelessness. It is disturbing and depressing to note that our heroes are now shunned to the streets even after protecting our homes when they were still on active duty and deployed in foreign combat zones.

A Convenient Way to Help Our Veterans

It is high time we repay our veterans for the services they rendered to our country. Our Cape May, New Jersey car donations program is a convenient way for you to make a difference in their lives. Our heroes need your help!

You might be surprised at how Veteran Car Donations is helping transform the lives of our veterans. All it takes is a simple call and an act of charity.

Instead of selling your car, consider donating it to our Cape May, New Jersey car donations program instead. Your car will make a difference in the lives of many. It’s a worthy contribution to the heroes of our country!

How Our Veterans Will Benefit from Your Car Donations

The proceeds from the sale of the vehicle you’d be donating to our Cape May, New Jersey car donations program will be used by our non-profit organization partners in funding their programs for our veterans. Their programs provide various services to our retired troops such as:

  • Job training programs that would increase their chances of getting a job
  • Transitioning assistance after their deployment from overseas assignments
  • Grief counselling sessions to the spouses and families of those who have died in combat
  • Mental and physical healthcare
  • Building mortgage-free, specially adapted homes for severely injured veterans
  • Raising public awareness of the challenges that veterans face as they transition into civilian life



The Benefits of Convenient Charity

We have reinvented the way car donations work in our Cape May, New Jersey car donations. Our donors now enjoy the benefits of convenient charity. This is how we reward our donors for supporting us in our cause.

Our Cape May, New Jersey car donations program follows a simple three-step process:

  • First, connect with us through a phone call

We’d like to believe that the best way to practice charity is to make connections. This is why we encourage donors to reach us via phone call or by filling out our online donation form. Our trunk line 877-594-5822 is open to taking calls from aspiring donors. Our friendly telephone operators will gladly walk the donor through the specifics of the donation. This way we can educate the donor on the requirements such as the title of the vehicle.

  • Second, schedule the pickup

Our operators will ask for the donor’s availability for the vehicle pickup. Charity should never take place at the expense of the donor. This is why our crew gladly adjusts to the donor’s availability. Our donors will receive a tow receipt once our pick-up crew hauls off the vehicle. This document formally releases the donor from the responsibilities that go with car ownership. We also advise donors to hold on to the receipt as it is a necessary document in claiming their top tax deduction.

  • Third, receive a top tax deduction

The IRS Publication 561 dictates that donors to qualified non-profit organizations like Veteran Car Donations are eligible for tax deductions. Donors to our Cape May, New Jersey car donations program can get more or less $500 in tax cut. This will depend on the fair market value of your donated vehicle or its sale price during the auction. You will receive a package in the mail after your vehicle has been auctioned off. The package will contain the documents you need in filing for tax deductions. Donate your car now to our Cape May, New Jersey car donations program! Contact us at 877-594-5822!

Veteran Car Donations operates in all 50 states.

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