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When former military personnel return to civilian life, they often face a whole new kind of hardship. After bravely sacrificing for our country, many struggle to find jobs. Some end up homeless. They can wind up overlooked and forgotten. That’s why choosing to make a vehicle donation in New Jersey is so important.

You can support our nation’s heroes by choosing to donate to veterans in New Jersey. Through the funds generated by car donations, local New Jersey veterans can receive vital employment services, housing and medical support, counseling services, and more. Whether you donate a car, a truck, a a snowmobile or a boat, each and every vehicle donation in New Jersey helps.

Why You Should Donate a Vehicle to Veteran Organizations in NJ

If you have a car or truck you no longer want, making a donation can save you all of the hassles of storing or selling that vehicle. What’s more, by making a donation in the area, you could help fund programs that are making a real difference in the lives of veterans. Here are some of the biggest benefits that come from choosing to donate to a veterans organization through Veteran Car Donations:

  • Simple and straightforward donation process
  • Funds are generated for various nonprofit organizations
  • Crucial education and job-training programs supported
  • Helps provide specially adapted homes for severely wounded veterans
  • Provides food, housing, and counseling care for veterans
  • Empowers veterans
  • Potential top tax deduction

How to Donate a Car in NJ to Veterans

Making a vehicle donation in New Jersey is incredibly simple. Here in New Jersey, all you have to do is call Veteran Car Donations or fill out a form. Simply complete the donation form to the right, or talk to us personally about your car. We’ll set up a time to pick up your vehicle at no cost to you. We provide free pickup and towing, manage all of the logistics, and forward the proceeds of your donation straight into programs that help our nation’s military veterans.

Even if the car (or truck, boat, SUV, motorcycle, snowmobile, trailer, etc.) you wish to donate is no longer running, it can help. We send a tow truck to pick up donations, so it doesn’t matter whether your vehicle is currently working. We can haul it away and use it to fund important programs. What’s more, we handle all of the paperwork. The entire process is simple and seamless. It’s incredibly easy to support our troops in this way.

Donate Now

If you’re ready to take a step to support the roughly 500,000 unemployed vets in our country, or veterans who are struggling to overcome their injuries, consider making a car donation. You can make a difference by helping fund programs that help our nation’s veterans. Choose to donate, and choose to support the people who are supporting our nation with their sacrifice. Are you ready to donate? Get in touch with Veteran Car Donations today.

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