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Hoboken, New Jersey Car Donations

Help the Heroes of America, Our Veterans

Our Hoboken, New Jersey car donations program allows kind-hearted people to help our struggling veterans one car at a time. Many of the veterans living in Hoboken, New Jersey –just like their fellow ex-soldiers in other parts of America—are burdened by problems such as mental and physical trauma acquired from the foreign war zones where they had been deployed. 

The following are the number of Hoboken veterans who served in each war: 

  • Vietnam: 207
  • First Gulf War: 164
  • Second Gulf War: 217
  • Korea: 102
  • WWII: 59

There are about 811 veterans in Hoboken, and many are suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder while others are burdened with depression and anxiety. Some of them have suffered severe physical injuries. These include brain trauma and amputations. These injuries decrease their quality of life and employment opportunities. The majority of these veterans are 75-plus years old. 

Their employment opportunities are also constrained by their lack of training, skills, and experience. Most of our veterans dedicated their lives in service of the country without thinking or planning for their future when they retire from the service and live as civilians once again.


Why Many Veterans Are Poor

These are the reasons why many of our veterans are wallowing in poverty. Some have developed unhealthy mechanisms to cope with their inability to find work. These include domestic violence, alcoholism, and even drug dependency. In Hoboken, the veteran poverty rate is 10.85%.

These disturbing facts may seem daunting. However, we can still do something to uplift the lives of veterans in Hoboken through our Hoboken, New Jersey car donations program.

We owe these veterans a debt of gratitude for fighting for us to defend our liberties and protect our nation’s security. That’s why it is only proper for us to take steps to ease their plight.


What is Hoboken, New Jersey Car Donations?

There is still hope despite the circumstances that our veterans face. We at Veteran Car Donations are here to join other civic-minded non-profit organizations in alleviating the suffering of our veterans. We empower poor veteran communities by providing donors with a platform for convenient charity.

Our Hoboken, New Jersey car donations program is a platform that allows locals to support poor veteran communities. We give locals the chance to pitch in through car donations. We are a platform that lets communities bond for a common cause through old, unused, and dysfunctional vehicles.

The premise of Hoboken, New Jersey car donations is quite simple: We sell your donated vehicles through auction. We then transfer the proceeds to our trusted charity partners that provide life-enhancing services to veteran communities in Hoboken.

Veteran Car Donations is a respected non-profit organization that seeks to discover modern heroes, those who wish to donate a car to our charity. We serve the entire region, including (but not limited to) nearby cities such as New York, Jersey City and Newark.


How to Donate a Vehicle to Charity in Hoboken

Car donations can sometimes turn off people. It sounds a little bit complicated to some. This is why we have innovated the way our donors would experience charity. Veteran Car Donations has implemented an easy donation process in our Hoboken, New Jersey car donations program so that donors don’t have to get out of their way to make a donation.

We have implemented a quick and easy three-step donation process for our donors. This completely changes the way a person donates cars. We made charity hassle free.


Start Donating by Calling Us!

Our Hoboken, New Jersey car donations program starts with a simple call. Contact us through our trunk line 877-594-5822. Our phone operators are passionate about connecting with people who support our cause through vehicle donations. This is why they will gladly walk donors through the State-specific requirements. They will gladly educate donors should there be variations in requirements like the vehicle title.

We also give our donors the luxury of having multiple choices. This is why we give them the option to go straight to our website to fill out our online donation form. We do this for our donors who are unable to make a call.


Schedule the Pick-Up

Donors to our Hoboken, New Jersey car donations program can immediately schedule the vehicle pick-up at a time, date, and place that are most convenient for them. Our crew will be happy to pick up the vehicle at our donor’s convenience.

Veteran Car Donations also rewards its clients for supporting our cause. This is why we give donors free towing and pick-up services. It is our way of thanking those who stand in solidarity with us.

We also issue our donors a tow receipt after the pick-up. It serves as a documentation that the vehicle has been successfully procured from the donors, thus relieving them of any responsibility. This means they can now legally cancel their vehicle registration and insurance policy and stop paying for them. This paper can also be used in claiming tax deductions for their Hoboken, New Jersey car donations.


Receive Tax Deductions

The best reward for charity is tax rebates. This is a privilege given to donors as per the IRS Publication 561. Donors can claim more or less $500 worth of rebates.

Our Hoboken, New Jersey car donations program encourages donors to claim their tax rebates. The documents needed to claim the tax rebates will be mailed to the donors a few weeks after the sale of their vehicle. Donors can easily claim the tax rebates through these documents.

Donate your car now for the benefit of Hoboken veterans! Contact us at 877-594-5822 today!

Veteran Car Donations operates in all 50 states.

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