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Help Veterans in New Mexico By Donating Your Vehicle

Fighting for our country in the field puts our troops’ lives in the path of danger. When they come back to civilian life after years of service, it can be hard for some of them to adjust back to civilian life. New Mexico car donations can help.

Our returning military oftentimes have trouble finding or keeping a job. Here are just a few reasons on why that is.

Post-traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD, affects an estimated thirteen to twenty percent of our nation’s veterans. This disorder develops after someone has gone through a life-threatening event. Veteran Car Donation in New Mexico paves the way for much needed counseling to both veterans and their families.

In addition, it is estimated that one out of ten veterans have a substance abuse problem. This too can affect the ability to get or retain steady full-time employment. So, what can New Mexicans do to help?

New Mexico: Land of Enchantment

The rich culture and beauty gave New Mexico its nickname, The Land of Enchantment or Tierra del Encanto. For over 20,000 years, Native Americans have lived in New Mexico. When the Spanish arrived in the 1600s, the Pueblo, Apache, Comanche, Navajo, and Ute peoples lived there. The United States’ largest Native American tribe, the Navajo, have a New Mexico reservation that covers over 14 million Acres.

When people think of the Gold Rush of the Old West, many people think California. However, the first gold strike in the Old West was in 1832 just outside of Santa Fe, New Mexico.

In addition, the actual bear behind the National Fire Safety symbol, Smokey the Bear, was a resident of the Lincoln National Forest. The little bear was found trapped up in a tree when that forest was destroyed by a fire.

Finally, did you know that New Mexico didn’t become an official state until 1912?

Reasons to Donate Your Car to New Mexico Car Donation

The US government provides assistance to our veterans but there are thousands more that need our help. Veteran Car Donations in New Mexico helps to cover those the government can’t.

Our partnering military and veteran nonprofit organizations make it possible for us to transform lives. The New Mexico car donation program provides a wide range of services available for veterans and their families after retirement.

Here’s just a few of the nonprofit programs offered:

  • Veteran Car Donation in New Mexico provides support to our fallen heroes’ spouses and family.
  • Assists with the transition of our military troops after their service.
  • Builds mortgage-free and specially adapted homes all over the country to our severely injured veterans Post-9/11.
  • Fights for the interests of the country’s injured military troops on Capitol Hill.
  • Helps with tutoring and educational scholarships for our country’s heroes.
  • Veteran Car Donation in New Mexico educates the public about veteran’s sacrifices and needs after coming back to civilian life.
  • Makes sure that troops and their families have full range access to benefits available to them.


How You Benefit from Your Car Donation in New Mexico

Ever thought about selling that old vehicle to clear up your garage but worried it might not be good enough to sell? You may need to do a lot of repairs to make it “sell-worthy” and it might cost you more than its worth.

Why not donate your car in New Mexico and forget the hassles of repairs and paperwork!

Veteran Car Donation in New Mexico will process everything for you right after our representatives get the essential information needed. You can give us a call at 877-978-1070 and provide your car’s make and model, arrange pickup date and time, and give your vehicle’s location. After the call, the tow company will come to pickup your car.

Donating your car gives you the best of both worlds. You transform the lives of our retired military troops while you get a top tax deduction in the meantime!

New Mexico Car Donation Process

The car donation process in New Mexico consists of just three easy steps.

  1. Give Veteran Car Donations a call at 877-978-1070. Or you can fill out our online form on our website.
  2. Provide us with a few details. We verify the details and make all the necessary arrangements.
  3. On the pick-up date, the local tow company will give you a receipt that will release you from all liability. Your vehicle will then sell and we’ll you a letter to inform you of the final selling price. You can use the mailed receipt for your tax deduction claims.

Choose to help our vets in New Mexico through a car donation today! Call us at 877-978-1070 now.

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NOTE: We accept most vehicles in most conditions. See disclaimer below.*