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Car Donation In The Bronx, NY

Make a car donation in the Bronx, NY and empower many of our unfortunate veterans to lift themselves up from a life of misery. By giving away a vehicle you no longer find useful, you make it possible for our retired troops to receive the assistance they truly deserve for their heroic deeds.

While returning home from the war they fought overseas is supposed to be a joyful occasion, it doesn’t appear to be the case for the majority of our soldiers who were subsequently discharged following their arrival. Even though the government is doing its best to support former members of the U.S. armed forces, the assistance is just not enough to help them readjust to a life of normality.

This is why generous men and women have come together to establish different organizations intended to help our brave veterans get their lives back on track. Reputable non-profit organizations such as Homes For Our Troops, Soldiers’ Angels, Serving Veterans, Inc., and Heroes on the Water share the same goal of providing a better future for our retired soldiers. Veteran Car Donations collaborates with these reputable non-profits.

We play a crucial role by converting old cars and other vehicles into funds that allow these non-profits to deliver assistance programs and services to our veterans. These include tutoring, job training, counseling, adaptive and mortgage-free housing, access to medical resources, and scholarships.

A simple car donation in the Bronx may enable one of our homeless veterans to live under a roof. An idle van of yours donated to us might give a former soldier a job that will provide him a steady income to support himself and his family.

A Bronx Car Donation Process You’ll Love

If you’re still uncertain where to make your car donations in the area, Veteran Car Donations is more than glad to be of service. With us, you won’t experience any problem in donating your vehicle. In fact, you won’t be doing much work at all!

When you decide to donate a vehicle to us, don’t expect to stress yourself over piles of documents at all. Don’t even bother to go out and look for a towing company. We got it all covered, and don’t worry, we won’t need your cash for it!

To give you an overview of our donation process, check out the guide below:

  • Reach out to us.

Inform us about your decision to donate a car to us at Veteran Car Donations. Do this by either giving us a call or filling out our online donation form. Once you’ve provided us certain details about your vehicle, we’ll arrange a time and place to haul it away at your convenience.

  • Your vehicle is towed.

A licensed towing company arrives at your place one or two days after you made the call. It’s alright if you can’t be around when the pickup takes place. Just let us know where you’ve left your car keys and title. The towing company that we commissioned will give you a tow receipt acknowledging that your vehicle was picked up for donation. This releases you from all liability on the car you’re donating from that point forward. You can now de-register your vehicle, dispose of your license plates properly, and cancel your insurance coverage. That receipt also allows you to take the minimum tax deduction without further paperwork.

We then place your automobile up for bidding, with the proceeds going to our non-profit partners. The collected funds will enable these charities to carry on with their assistance programs to our vets and their families.

  • Get your top tax deduction.

Be sure to check your mailbox within 30 days that you made your car donation. We’ll be sending you a tax-deductible receipt. The amount indicated in the receipt will serve as the basis of your tax deduction claim when you file your itemized federal tax return.

Just like that, you’ve successfully ridden yourself of a vehicle that you no longer need. What makes it even better is that you did it for a worthwhile cause!

Benefits of Working with Veteran Car Donations

Now that you know how fast and convenient our Bronx, New York car donations process is, we’re going to tell you about the perks you’ll get when you donate to us. That’s right! Our retired servicemen and women will not be the only ones who’d enjoy the wonderful things to come out of your car donation.

By giving away an old vehicle to Veteran Car Donations, you won’t miss out on the following benefits:

  • Get the opportunity to receive maximized tax deductions
  • Save money since you no longer need to pay for your car’s insurance, repair, or registration fees
  • Save yourself the time and effort in trying to sell your car
  • Get rid of an unwanted vehicle at no cost
  • No need to burden yourself with paperwork
  • No need to worry about disclosing your personal information
  • Free more space in your garage

Feel great about yourself knowing that you’ll be helping our vets and their families with your Bronx, New York car donations

Types of Vehicles We Accept for Donation

Veteran Car Donations accepts almost all types of vehicles, including those that are not in proper running condition. You don’t have to be ashamed about donating a defective car since we have our tow truck to pick it up. Just call us at 877-594-8822 if you find yourself quite unsure about your car’s eligibility for our Bronx car donation program.

Vehicles we typically accept for donation include cars, vans, SUVs, trucks, and minivans. We also happily take any form of RV donations like campers, motorhomes, or trailers, as well as motorcycle donations. Of course, we’d be happy to take watercraft such as boats, jet skis, yachts, or ships.

You can also donate specialty vehicles like motorized wheelchairs, ATVs, riding lawnmowers, and golf carts. If your company no longer needs a rundown van, let them know about us!

Thinking about donating two or more vehicles to us? Yes, please! We definitely love multiple donations!

It’s Time to Give Back to Our Veterans

Haven’t you done your part yet in giving back to our veterans? Now would be the perfect time for it! Call us at 877-594-8822 and make a car donation in the Bronx, New York today!

Veteran Car Donations operates in all 50 states.

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