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Winston-Salem, North Carolina Car Donations: Make a Difference in the Lives of Our Heroes

Planning to retire your old and beat-up car but still haven’t figured out an easy way to do it? Here’s your best option: turn your vehicle into a critical source of support for our underserved and suffering veterans. How to do that? Simply hand it over to us at Veteran Car Donations through our Winston-Salem, North Carolina car donations program.

We invite you to support our effort to improve the living conditions of our nation’s heroes who bravely fought for us to defend our freedoms and protect our nation’s security. Following their return home from combat duty overseas and subsequent separation from the service, many of them are facing huge challenges in their transition to civilian life. These are our veterans who are suffering from service-connected disabilities and mental health issues, lack of employment, and lack of support leading to homelessness and other terrible problems.

The least you can do to somehow repay them for their invaluable service to our nation is by making a vehicle donation for their benefit.

We will have your donated vehicle fixed before auctioning it off. We’ll then use the proceeds to support the programs and services of our charity partners that are dedicated to promoting the welfare of our veterans. These IRS-approved 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations provide deserving veterans with:

  • Job placements, skills training, and mentoring programs
  • Educational scholarships
  • Access to health facilities, including mental health services
  • Mortgage-free and specially adapted housing
  • Grief counseling
  • Basic needs assistance

Reasons for Joining Winston-Salem, North Carolina Car Donations

It is always a smart move to pick a vehicle donation platform that offers plenty of benefits for its donors. You can count on us to provide you those benefits.

By participating in our Winston-Salem, North Carolina car donations program, expect these great rewards to come your way:

  • Maximum tax write-off

We are in partnership with IRS-certified 501(c)3 nonprofits, which means that all vehicle donations made to us are 100-percent tax-deductible.

  • Absolutely free vehicle removal

We offer free towing in all parts of the country. Just give us your complete address, and we’ll ask an affiliate professional towing company to quickly send a towing crew over to your place.

  • No paperwork to manage

Our donation experts will take care of processing all necessary documents on your behalf.

  • No need to sell your car yourself

You don’t have to experience the hassles associated with selling an old and worn-out vehicle yourself.

  • Say goodbye to needless expenses

Why bother spending big bucks on a jalopy that you don’t even use anymore? It’s time you finally give yourself the chance to save cash!

  • Make a lasting impact on the lives of our heroes

Supporting a life-changing cause brings a satisfying feeling to oneself. The fact that you’ll be helping a number of needy veterans with a single donation is something you should definitely be proud of.

Our Quick and Hassle-Free Donation Process

Donating a car in the Tar Heel State doesn’t have to be that complicated. At Veteran Car Donations, we satisfy our donors with our simple, fast, and hassle-free donation process. Once you inform us of your decision to donate, you can entrust the remaining tasks to our professional team of experts. Believe us when we say that we got your back from start to finish. Our donors can definitely attest to that!

Here’s our three-step guide to our Winston-Salem, North Carolina car donations process:

  1. Contact us.

Whenever you’re ready to make your donation, just get in touch with us. You can fill out our donation form, which you can easily find here on our website, or give us a call at 877-594-5822. Provide us some details about the vehicle you’re donating as well as your contact information.

  1. We take your vehicle.

We’re giving you the option to pick a date, time, and place for your vehicle’s free pickup, and you don’t have to be present for it. Just be sure to leave your vehicle’s title and keys before you head out.

Expect a tow receipt from the driver after he finishes up. The document releases you from any liabilities on your now no-longer-owned vehicle. The receipt also enables you to cancel your vehicle’s registration and insurance coverage.

  1. You get rewarded with a tax-deductible receipt.

Once we finish processing the sale of your vehicle, we’ll send you your 100-percent tax-deductible sales receipt. You will need this receipt to claim your tax deduction when you file your itemized income tax return in the next tax season.

If you have any questions regarding our Winston-Salem, North Carolina car donations program, feel free to call our toll-free hotline 877-594-5822. You can also visit our FAQs page or send us a message online.

The Types of Vehicles You Can Donate

Unlike other organizations with their own vehicle donation programs, Veteran Car Donations is never picky in accepting donations. We’re open to pretty much all types and kinds of vehicles. Whether you’re donating an old and barely running car or one still in excellent condition, we’ll accept and treat it the same way.

Do you wonder what types of vehicles we welcome in our Winston-Salem, North Carolina car donations program? This list will tell you:

  • Cars: sedans, luxury cars, coupes, convertibles, hybrids, sports cars, wagons, hatchbacks
  • Vans: family minivans, camper vans, cargo vans, passenger vans
  • SUVs: compact, midsize, full-size or crossover versions
  • Motorcycles: touring bikes, cruisers, scooters, off-road bikes, mopeds, sports bikes, choppers
  • Trucks: box trucks, pickup trucks extended cab pickup, panel trucks, refrigerator trucks, tank trucks
  • Specialized vehicles: riding lawnmowers, motorized wheelchairs
  • Fleet vehicles: SUVs, pickups, trucks, buses, cars, passenger vans, cargo vans, limousines, ambulances, taxicabs
  • Recreational vehicles: campers, travel trailers, motorhomes, pop-up trailers, snowmobiles, Jet Skis, ATVs
  • Work-related vehicles: construction vehicles, tractors and farm equipment, buses, large trucks, landscaping vehicles
  • Boats: fishing boats, sailboats, tugboats, speedboats, houseboats, cruise ships, catamarans, pontoon boats, yachts
  • Aircraft: noncommercial planes, helicopters


It’s Time to Give Back to Our Heroes!

If you believe that each veteran in your community deserves another chance to enjoy civilian life, you can make that possible with your participation in our Winston-Salem, North Carolina car donations program. Make your donation by calling us at 877-594-5822 or filling out our online donation form now!

Veteran Car Donations operates in all 50 states.

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