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Show That You Care Through Fargo, North Dakota Car Donations

Do you know that participating in our Fargo, North Dakota car donations is an excellent way to show the veterans in your community that you care about their welfare? According to the United States Census Bureau’s data, as of July 2016, the city of Fargo had an estimated total population of 120,762 with a veteran community comprised of 5,957 heroes. Contrary to what many of us expect, the lives of most of these veterans after discharge from active duty is far from ideal.

What are the Causes of Poverty Among Veterans?

Although a report published in 2015 by the United States Department of Veteran Affairs states that veterans have a lower poverty rate than civilians, it still doesn’t discount the fact that there are more than 1 million of them suffering in destitution. Unbeknownst to many, countless former military servicemen and women live below the poverty line because of a variety of reasons.

  • Unemployment

Getting a decent job that would sustain the veterans’ needs is challenging especially when employers couldn’t match his military skills with any of the required positions or job vacancies. What’s more frustrating is when a veteran has already figured out the civilian counterpart of his previous military job, but is still being required by the employer to go through expensive training programs for certification purposes.

  • Untreated Mental Health Illness

Traumatic experiences of war encountered by veterans in combat could still plague them even after their discharge from active service. Mental health issues such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and traumatic brain injury increases the risk for unemployment, homelessness, substance abuse and depression.

The reasons behind veteran poverty can’t really be quantified. We can only hope that more people would stand in the gap of service that our government alone couldn’t provide for all the veterans across the United States – starting in Fargo, North Dakota.

How Can Car Donations Change a Veteran’s Life?

Your useless, space-hoarding hooptie that has become a glaring eyesore has the potential to turn the lives of the U.S. military servicemen and women around! When you donate it to our Fargo, North Dakota car donations program, the proceeds collected from its sale at the auction would turn into additional funds for the veteran-directed programs and services that our nonprofit partners run. Don’t worry, we’ll make sure that your donation would exclusively benefit the veterans in your city.

What Will the Veterans Get Out of Your Car Donations?

This is a valid question because we all want to have a clear picture of how our donations would impact the target beneficiary. Your Fargo, North Dakota car donations will help improve and sustain the following programs and services:

  • Housing assistance to end homelessness;
  • Free mental health care for PTSD or TBI treatment;
  • Employment seminars and skills training to curb unemployment;
  • Grief counseling for a deceased veteran’s bereaved family;
  • Education scholarships and tutoring programs;
  • Public awareness about the needs of our war heroes;
  • Transitioning assistance for the recently discharged veterans;
  • Educating veterans and their families about their full-range of benefits and how to maximize these.

Through your donation, a veteran could have a strong chance at beating poverty. You can donate your clunker today by calling us at 877-594-5822!

How Does the Donation Process Work?

Participating in Fargo, North Dakota car donations won’t take you more than 5 minutes of your time! Before you know it, you’ve already gotten rid of the biggest clutter in your garage AND you’ve given a veteran his life back! Following these three quick and painless steps does the trick:

  1. Tell us that you want to donate.

Don’t delay! Call us at 877-594-5822 or fill out our online donation form. All we need is a few basic info about you, your donated vehicle, and your preferred time, date, and place for your car’s pickup.

  1. Have your vehicle picked up for free!

At no cost to you, we’ll arrange for a local professional towing company to pick your car up based on the scheduled date and location that you’ve given to our donors’ reception officer. By the way, your presence isn’t required during the pickup! Just inform us where we could find your vehicle’s keys and title inside your car.

  1. Wait for the tax-deductible receipt we’ll send you.

Within days after the sale of your car, we’ll mail you your receipt bearing its actual sale price so that you can use this as you itemize your deductions in your tax return.

Parting ways with a vehicle you don’t ever want to lay your eyes on has never been so easy!

What are My Donation Benefits?

When you donate your unwanted car for a cause that you believe in, you leave no room for regrets. Check out this list of some of the donor’s perks!

Get thumping tax rewards! What’s so awesome about car donations through our service is that you, as the donor, are qualified for top tax deductions! Our affiliated nonprofits are IRS-registered 501(c)3 organizations, so there will be no problem when it comes to this area.

Fast and free towing! Speedy towing that’s free of charge is hard to come by. When you donate your car to us, you don’t have to worry about extra cost on pickup and towing!

No need to sell your car by yourself! Unlike selling, when you go for Fargo, North Dakota car donations, you don’t have to go through the grueling process of placing ads, haggling with prospective buyers, taking calls, and dealing with strangers!

We’ll be on top of required documentation. There’s no need for you to stress yourself out because of paperwork. Our team would cover this area for you.

Let’s Give Hope to Our Veterans Today!

A single act of generosity can cause endless ripples of positive changes! If you want to get more information about car donations, call us at 877-594-5822. Make a difference in the lives of our nation’s heroes in Fargo, North Dakota today!

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