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Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Car Donations: Save the Struggling Heroes in Your City!

Our veterans — our heroes — are in need of saving. They are our once active-duty soldiers who fought our enemies in some foreign shores to protect our freedoms and our nation’s security. They risked their lives, endured so much hardship, and made sacrifices to serve our nation and to save us from danger.

When they finally returned home and were honorably discharged from the service after the successful completion of their mission, they thought their dark days were over.

To their utter dismay, many of them found out that the “hero” tag they got was only lip service and that more daunting challenges await them back home. Unable to find good jobs because of lack of civilian work experience and insufficient education, unable to receive government benefits due them for one reason or another, bereft of support from their community and even their own family, suffering from service-related physical injuries and mental disorder, these veterans now find themselves in big trouble.

The combination of all these problems has led many to the path of destitution, homelessness, and hopelessness.

The fact that many veterans have this concoction of problems is truly heartbreaking and alarming. Some of these veterans are living with us in this great city. They badly need help.

How You Can Help Our Heroes

That is why we have set up our Oklahoma City, Oklahoma car donations program. This serves as a platform for residents of this city to join us at Veteran Car Donations in our mission to save our heroes from a life of misery. By donating your old, unwanted cars or any other vehicles to us, you will be extending a helping hand to the struggling veterans of your city so that they could lift themselves up from poverty.

Specifically, by taking part in our Oklahoma City, Oklahoma vehicle donations program, you will enable us to financially support our trusted nonprofit organization partners so that they could continue providing these services to our veterans:

  • Mental and physical healthcare
  • Transitioning assistance for newly discharged servicemen and women
  • Building mortgage-free, specially adapted homes for severely injured veterans
  • Job training programs for veterans with no civilian job qualifications
  • Grief counseling sessions to the spouses and families of those who were killed in action
  • Educating veterans on the benefits they’re eligible to get from the government and other sectors and how to get them

Get Great Rewards for Your Great Deed as Car Donor

Our nation’s heroes in Oklahoma City will definitely get some help out of your car donations. But what’s truly special about our Oklahoma City, Oklahoma car donations program is that you’d also get some great rewards for parting ways with your old and unwanted vehicles.

Here are the benefits that you stand to receive when you donate a vehicle to charity:

  • You will receive a maximized tax deduction.
  • You avoid the costs, time, and hassles of trying to sell your unwanted vehicle.
  • You get the extra space that you’ve always wanted in your garage.
  • You can save the money intended as payment for your car registration and insurance.
  • You save yourself the trouble of doing the necessary paperwork since we will do this for you — from title transfer completion to tax-deductible receipt issuance.

Our Quick and Easy Car Donation Process

Another remarkable aspect of our Oklahoma City, Oklahoma car donations program is its quick and easy process. There are only three easy steps needed to get your car towed at zero cost to you:

Step 1: Visit our website and fill out our online vehicle donation form. You may also contact us at 877-594-5822. One of our friendly donation specialists will assist you through the process. We will ask for a few details about your vehicle such as its make and model. We will also ask you your preferred time and date for the pickup, and your vehicle’s pickup location.

Step 2:  After verifying the information you provided, we will make arrangements with a professional tow company to pick up your car. We will pay the towing fee. The tow company will then pick up your vehicle on the date, time, and place you specified. You will receive a donation receipt that will release you from all liabilities from that point onward. You can now de-register your vehicle, dispose of your license plates properly, and cancel your insurance coverage.

Step 3: We sell your car at auction. Within 30 days after the sale of your car, we will mail you your 100 percent tax-deductible sales receipt, indicating your vehicle donation’s final selling price. This will serve as the basis of your tax deduction claim when you file your itemized federal tax return for the next tax-filing season.

Learn More About Oklahoma City

Oklahoma City is the largest city in the state, and the area is home to several critical military sites including Fort Sill, Tinker Air Force Base and Coast Guard Institute. That means there is a significant veteran presence within the city and the surrounding suburbs. As of the most recent census, there were more than 40,500 veterans living in the city. Nearly 13,000 of these veterans served during the Vietnam War. More than 10,500 Oklahoma City residents served in the armed forces during the First Gulf War, and more than 11,600 served during the Second Gulf War. 

From a demographic perspective, more than 23,000 veterans living in the area were age 55 and older. Another 11,500-plus were between the ages of 35 and 54. More than 30% of the city’s veterans suffer from some form of disability, and roughly 8% live below the poverty line. This means your donations will be greatly appreciated by the organizations who support veterans in need.

The Types of Vehicles We Accept for Donation

From cars to trucks to special vehicles like RV, snowmobiles and farm equipment, we’d gladly accept them all in our Oklahoma City, Oklahoma car donations program. We even accept boats, golf carts, personal watercraft, ATVs, and non-commercial airplanes! Aside from the extensive list of vehicles that we accept, we also welcome multiple donations.

It doesn’t matter if your car is not in running condition, or if it has a few missing and non-functional parts. In most cases, we will accept those vehicles as well. The only vehicles we cannot accept are those that have been abandoned or stolen and have no titles or proof of ownership. However, if you lost your vehicle title, you can still donate it after we help you find a replacement title for it. Just call us and we’ll do our very best to assist you in whatever way.

Donate Now!

Are you ready to donate a car for charity to help the struggling veterans in your city? If so, then contact us at 877-594-5822 and join our Oklahoma City, Oklahoma car donations program. Save the struggling heroes in your city now!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why might veterans need assistance?

Many of those returning home after serving in the military face significant challenges when they do. These include not being able to find work because they lack civilian work experience or insufficient education. Many suffer from service-related injuries or mental health issues, making their difficulties even harder to bear. 

How can the community support struggling veterans?

Participating in our car donation program means residents can support charity groups. After donating your car, we will sell it at auction and donate the proceeds to these organizations so they can continue their missions. Some examples of their work include providing mental and physical healthcare, building affordable housing, providing job training programs, and connecting veterans to available benefits. 

What are the benefits of donating a vehicle to the program?

Not only will you be able to help veterans in need, but also you’ll be in line to receive a maximized tax deduction. Other benefits include not having to pay for insurance and maintenance on a vehicle you don’t need anymore, as well as avoiding the hassles of trying to sell the car yourself. 

How does the car donation process work?

Our process has three easy steps. First, you can visit our website or get in touch with us to provide details about your vehicle and preferred pickup time and location. Next, after we verify the information, a professional towing company will come to pick up your vehicle at no cost to you. Finally, we will sell it at auction and you’ll receive a tax-deductible sales receipt within 30 days of the sale. 

What types of vehicles does the program accept?

We accept a wide range of vehicle types, including cars, trucks, RVs, snowmobiles, farm equipment, boats, golf carts, ATVs, and non-commercial aircraft. In many cases, we even accept vehicles that are not running or missing parts. However, we cannot accept any vehicles that have been abandoned or stolen without proof of ownership. 

We serve the entire state of Oklahoma, including nearby Tulsa.

Veteran Car Donations operates in all 50 states.

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