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Boat Sitting on an Icy Cold Waters -
October 11, 2018

How to Winterize Your Boat

How to Winterize Your Boat: What You Need to Know The crisp, cool air of autumn is upon us, which means the season for boating has come to an end and it’s time to put together some ideas on how to winterize your boat to keep it in mint condition for next spring. As the ...
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White Camper Van Parked on the Road | Veteran Car Donations
September 23, 2018

Fall RV Storage Ideas

Keep Your Motorhome in Tiptop Condition With These Fall RV Storage Ideas You know that it’s time to come up with suitable fall RV storage ideas now that autumn is upon us. After you’ve used your reliable motorhome for a number of times during the summer, you’ll have to put it away for a few months. ...
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Black and White Photo of a Storage Building | Veteran Car Donations
September 23, 2018

Fall Boat Storage Ideas

Fall Boat Storage Ideas: Where Do You Store Your Boat Before Snow Starts Falling? The cold season’s about to kick in, and for boat owners, this can only mean one thing: It’s time to put their watercraft away for hibernation. While owning a boat can be fun, it can also be burdensome, especially if winter’s about ...
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Classic Harley Davidson Motorcycle -
May 24, 2018

Top 5 Used Motorcycles

Top 5 Used Motorcycles Under $10,000 Would you like to get some inside info on the top 5 used motorcycles? If you’re looking for the most economical and most practical way to own a top-ranked bike, the ideal way is to purchase a used one! Sure, you would need to scrutinize every minute detail more ...
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Fishing boat on rippled river in evening | Veteran Car Donations
March 13, 2018

How To: Boat Donation Without A Trailer

Can I Donate A Boat Without A Trailer Boats are excellent when you want to be out on the water. However, they can also cause problems when it comes to towing and storing them and ensuring their maintenance. Many boat owners do not have their own storage area for their boats, which means they need ...
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Military Man with his Kids -
October 3, 2017

How Vehicle Donations Help Both Veterans And Their Families

Vets And Their Families Donating a vehicle through Veteran Car Donations not only benefits you by ridding you of the burden of an unwanted vehicle; it also makes a huge positive impact on the lives of our American servicemen and women as well as their families. Thanks to our partnerships with numerous nonprofit organizations focused ...
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Donate a Vehicle to Veterans This New Year | Veteran Car Donations
January 19, 2017

Donate a Vehicle to Veterans This New Year

Happy New Year! The new year is the perfect time to make new decisions — like the resolution to start doing more good through car donation. When you take a vehicle you no longer want or need and put it toward a worthy cause, you do more than get rid of a car – you ...
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Spring Cleaning Your Car -
April 25, 2016

Spring Cleaning Time is Here! Donate Your Old, Unwanted Car, Truck, Boat, or RV

Spring Cleaning Time So, winter’s beginning to fade and the weather’s getting progressively warmer. Soon you’re going to be mowing the lawn, planting flowers and cleaning up all the different corners of your home. But what about your driveway? Donate Your Vehicle & Unclutter For Spring A lot of people have old, unsightly vehicles which ...
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