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Change People’s Lives through Riverside, California Car Donations

Do you know that your Riverside, California car donations can breathe life back into a struggling veteran’s dreams? An unwanted and unneeded piece of machinery that’s slowly rotting away in your backyard could be a former military serviceman’s ticket to a brighter future. What you may think is useless could mean the world to a war hero who’s living in the Riverside, California area.


The Veteran Community at Riverside, California

According to the data reported by the United States Census Bureau, as of July 2016, Riverside City had a total estimated population of 324,722. Population characteristics show that among these residents were 13,350 veterans. We can only hope that these former GIs adjusted well as they transitioned from active military service to civilian life.

However, the ugly truth is that most veterans face serious challenges when they come home from the wars overseas. To them, relearning our civilian society’s standards, which are way different from what they were accustomed to in the military, is no joke. We’re talking about cultural standards that cover morals, values, and norms.

Picking up where they left off before signing up for the army is not a walk in the park at all. When they get back from active duty, they need to re-establish their relationships with loved ones, attempt to get back to school, try to start a career, or find a new home. This can all be very overwhelming to those who’ve had more battle scars on the inside than on the outside.


Learn More About Riverside

Riverside is a vibrant and dynamic city that’s located about an hour from Los Angeles. It offers a wide range of resources to veterans and their families. For example, the Riverside County Department of Veterans’ Services is an organization that provides numerous services to former servicemen and servicewomen. These include financial assistance, educational and vocational support, healthcare and insurance benefits, and referral services for different programs and resources. The purpose of these services is to help veterans transition to civilian life as well as provide them with physical, emotional, and financial support. 

Moreover, the March Air Reserve Base contains the Air Force Reserve Command’s Fourth Air Force (4 AF) Headquarters and the host of the 452d Air Mobility Wing. This base covers about 2,075 acres of land. Additionally, it’s home to units from the Army Reserve, Navy Reserve, Marine Corps Reserve, California Air National Guard, and the California Army National Guard.


Common Struggles that Veterans Face

The biggest issues that most war heroes face are untreated mental health problems, unemployment, homelessness, service-connected disabilities, and lack of education. The government can only do so much to address these issues. There remains a wide gap of service that needs to be filled.

That’s why concerned individuals, private organizations, and nonprofits are stepping up to bridge this gap. We are one of them.


We Care for Our Heroes

Ensuring the welfare and meeting the basic needs of our nation’s heroes is Veteran Car Donations’ primary concern. On behalf of the charities that we have partnered with, we take care of the fundraising aspect of the delivery of veteran-directed services. We do this by operating vehicle donation programs.

The proceeds of the auctioned cars that we accept from our dear donors go directly to our nonprofit partners so that they can continue to provide these services to our veterans:

  • Mental healthcare that’s free and accessible for those with PostTraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) or Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)
  • Mortgage-free housing assistance for the homeless
  • Specially adapted homes for those who have severe combat injuries
  • Grief counseling for the families of the fallen heroes
  • Educational assistance such as scholarships and tutoring programs
  • Job training and mentoring programs for the unemployed
  • Various transitioning assistance programs

You can be a part of this cause by donating your shabby old car. Make your Riverside, California car donations for veterans by calling us at 877-594-5822 today!


Your Benefits as a Donor

The thing about making auto donations for veterans is that it leaves you no room for regrets. You virtually gain more than you lose when you donate a vehicle to veterans. Now that we’ve talked about how the veterans would benefit from your donation, let’s turn the tables and explore your rewards for your act of generosity:

  • 100% FREE pickup and towing!

Getting fast pickup and towing services is fantastic. How much more if you won’t need to pay a single dime to enjoy it? When you take part in our Riverside, California car donations program, you’re signing up for the quickest, cost-free, and a most convenient way to get your hands off your beater.

  • More garage space!

You’ll be decongesting your very own garage when you donate your hooptie – giving you enough available storage space that you can make use of. A new car doesn’t sound so bad.

  • Don’t worry about paperwork!

Our experienced team of experts will take care of every piece of required documentation pertaining to your donation. No need to stress yourself out on paperwork because we got this covered.

  • Do away with the hassles associated with selling!

The inconvenience of placing ads, negotiating with strangers, haggling with prospective buyers, showing, dealing with paperwork, and waiting for a good offer for an indefinite time — are you really up for all this?

  • Enjoy potential tax rewards!

Unless you donate to charities that have the 501(c)3 IRS status, you won’t have your donation deducted from your taxes. With our Riverside, California car donations program, you won’t have any problem in this area.

  • Donating is insanely easy!

Your convenience is our utmost concern, that’s why we intentionally kept our donation process short and simple. Here’s how it works:

  • Inform us of your intent to donate a car to veterans’ charity by calling us at 877-594-5822 or filling out our online donation form.
  • Give us your ideal time, date, and location for your vehicle’s free pickup and towing.
  • Wait for your tax-deductible receipt that you’ll use to claim your tax rewards.


Be a Blessing Today!

Let’s work together to give our veterans stable jobs, medical care, financial assistance, and more! Questions? Contact us at 877-594-5822 and get top tax deductions for your Riverside, California car donations today! Veteran Car Donations serves the entire state of California, including nearby San Bernardino.


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