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Nebraska Car Donations: Let’s Bring Smiles to Our Veterans’ Faces

How would you like to bring smiles to people’s faces, particularly to those who sacrificed so much to protect us? Would you like to experience that sense of happiness and joy knowing that you have helped transform the lives of our veterans?

One of the many ways to contribute to philanthropic works while at the same time obtain a car donation tax deduction is through Nebraska car donations. Is there any old vehicle in your backyard or garage that seems to be taking a lot of space? If you want to get rid of your old car, consider giving it to a dedicated nonprofit organization to support its causes.

Veteran Car Donations has been helping our heroes, and by heroes, we refer to our military servicemen and women who risked their own lives to preserve our nation’s liberty and proactively protect us from people with evil intent.

Nebraska: The “Cornhusker” State

Nebraska, formerly known as “The Tree Planter,” is now recognized as the “Cornhusker” state in honor of a Cornhuskers football team of the University of Nebraska. The name Nebraska comes from the word ‘nebrathka’ which means “Flat River” or “broad water.”

Nebraska is the only state in America with a one-house legislature. It has transformed into a farming state with roughly 95 percent of its territory being farmlands. Farmers in Nebraska grow soybeans, corn, wheat, sugar beets, and oats.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, as of 2016, there are approximately 1.9 million people living in Nebraska. The main source of profit of various cities is food processing. Nebraska is also the center for finance and insurance in the Midwest.

The first automobile seen in Nebraska in 1901 was a Locomobile steamer owned by Col. W.F. Hayward. Thus, it can be said that with over a century of car innovations and ownership, the Nebraskans have several old vehicles they can potentially donate to Nebraska car donations.

Homeless and Unemployed Veterans in Nebraska

In a survey reported by the Housing Assistance Council, as of 2014, a total of 137,392 military veterans were found to be living in Nebraska. Of this figure, 5.2 percent were unemployed, with the younger people having the highest unemployment rates among all veterans. The study also showed that 247 veterans in Nebraska were homeless.

The survey also noted that 5.8 percent of Nebraska’s veterans were living in poverty.

It would seem that there really is no happy ending for our veterans. Notwithstanding their heroic deeds, our government has not given them enough consideration and recognition that they deserve.

We need your help! We need someone who can generously support and transform the lives of our veterans. A large number of our veterans need food, clothing, medical care, and shelter. By participating in Nebraska car donations, you will be making a difference in the lives of our struggling heroes and their families.

How to Donate a Vehicle in Nebraska

Veteran Car Donations works alongside other nonprofit organizations. It has introduced a new method to offer support and empowerment to our heroes. The organization seeks to inspire the people of Nebraska to donate their old vehicles to support the needs of our veterans.

Taking part in Nebraska car donations involves a simple and easy process.

  1. Contact us and complete our online donation form.
  2. Set up your most convenient time and day for vehicle pickup and we will take charge of all the other procedures, including the documents, auctioning, as well as selling of your donated car.
  3. We will send you the receipt of your donated car for your own record and tax deduction purposes.

Be part of an organization that promotes good deeds. Veteran Car Donations accepts several types of vehicles including trucks, motorcycles, SUVs, vans, RVs, and boats. If you have old airplanes, golf carts, or riding lawnmowers, our organization also accepts those kinds of vehicles for Nebraska car donations.

Why Participate in Nebraska Car Donations

When was the last time you felt happy because you did something good? That’s the kind of feeling you’ll get when you donate to charities such as Nebraska Veteran Car Donations. There are several other reasons to donate.

  1. Support our veterans and their families.
  2. Obtain a tax write-off
  3. Get rid of an old vehicle that takes up space in your backyard or garage.

Nebraska Car Donations: What Happens Next?

As soon as the donated car in Nebraska is sold, a handsome tax deduction is given to the donor. If the car is sold below $500, the donor obtains the fair market value or the selling price of up to $500. If it is over $500, the donor obtains the same amount for which the car is sold. The proceeds from the car sale will be used to assist our veterans.

Take Part in Nebraska Car Donations and Create a Difference

In the coming year, about 700,000 of our servicemen and women are expected to return to their homeland from their deployment overseas. These veterans will soon join the ranks of the unemployed. We cannot afford to procrastinate. Each one’s help is critical at this time.

Donate today and make an impact on the lives of our heroes and their families. Call Nebraska Veteran Car Donations at 877-594-5822 now.

Click on the city closest to you for more information on donating your vehicle.

NOTE: We accept most vehicles in most conditions. See disclaimer below.*