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Do you want to support our troops? If so, one of the ways to do that is to donate a car to charity. You might not think it, but getting rid of a car you no longer want will make a real difference to the lives of our American heroes. By making a vehicle donation in San Diego for veterans you’ll also help support their families too.

Let’s face it: the government doesn’t offer enough assistance to former and serving troops. There are over 1.5 million active service personnel these days. The sad truth is many veterans that once made up such numbers end up homeless through no fault of their own.

No one wants our veterans to become forgotten heroes. But, it still happens. The good news is you can help to lower the number of veterans that society forgets about. How? By making a car donation, of course!

Veteran Car Donations offers a unique service that makes it easy for vehicle owners to donate a car for tax credit potential, as well as helping hurting people. Many drivers end up with cars just sitting and not doing much. Some folks might give up driving for medical reasons. Others just buy new cars and don’t have the time to dispose of their old ones.


How to Donate a Car in San Diego

We make the process of getting rid of an unwanted car hassle-free. If you live in San Diego, California, did you know donating your car can reduce your tax burden? A car donation tax deduction could mean you’ll get to keep more of your hard-earned cash!

Even better, at Veteran Car Donations, we make the donation process quick and easy for you. Here’s a look at how our simple three-step process works:

Step 1: Contact Us. To jumpstart your donation, all you have to do is fill out an online vehicle donation form or call us at 877-594-5822. We just need a little information about your vehicle, such as the make and model.

Step 2: Set Up a Pickup Time. When we talk to you, we’ll arrange a convenient time to come pick up your vehicle. Then, a towing company should reach out within 24 to 48 hours to confirm the details.

Step 3: Let Us Pick Up Your Vehicle. The towing company can come to you and haul away your vehicle at no charge. It should also provide a receipt you can use when filing tax deductions. That’s it!

The beauty of choosing Veteran Car Donations is that you also don’t have to spend time, effort and money advertising your car. Even giving away your car is often a chore these days. If you lead a busy lifestyle, more work is something you want to avoid. With us, all you need to do is contact us. We take care of everything else, including the collection of your vehicle.

When you donate your car to Veteran Car Donations, you also don’t have to worry about privacy. We won’t sell your details to anyone. Plus, you can be sure we’ll keep your private information safe and secure.

One way you can help our nation’s heroes is by donating your car, believe it or not! You can contribute to and support former military personnel by donating your vehicle! Veteran Car Donations auctions your car and uses the proceeds to help support veterans.


Benefits of Auto Donations to Veterans

We have close ties with many nonprofit organizations. When you donate your vehicle, we auction it off and the money is given to the groups that help veterans in your community.

They offer a range of services that help veterans get their lives back on track such as:

In short, those organizations help our veterans start a new civilian life.


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All you need to do is fill in our online form to the right of this page or give us a call. We’ll arrange to collect or tow your vehicle and handle all the paperwork. It really is that simple!

We can take working and damaged cars, trucks, SUVs, boats, motorcycles, and RV donations in San Diego. Contact us today to support our nation’s heroes!

Questions about your car donation? Simply give us a call at 877-594-5822.


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