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Fullerton, California Car Donations: Help Lift Our Veterans Out of Poverty

Our soldiers may seem tough, but they might be experiencing post-traumatic stress disorder or depression (PTSD). Data gathered by Veteran Car Donations shows that 20 percent of U.S. troops deployed in Iraq retired with PTSD or depression. This may be the results of life-threatening events in the field during their service.

These disorders make it hard for them to get a job. Worse, these psychological problems have forced some of our veterans to take their own lives.

Some 26,000 male and female veterans have reported unwanted sexual contact, with 40 percent having been diagnosed to be suffering from military sexual trauma.

Although our government continues to provide assistance to our retired troops, it is not enough.

This is where our Fullerton, California car donations program comes in. Through our nonprofit partners, we help our country’s living heroes adjust to civilian life and sustain themselves after retirement.  Through your generous Fullerton, California car donations, we are able to provide our veterans such services as skills training and counseling among others that will enable them to lift themselves out of poverty.

How do Donors Benefit from Fullerton, California Car Donations

If you have a busted vehicle taking up space in your garage or yard, you might want to donate it instead of selling or repairing it. Here are a few reasons why:

Is your car worth selling? Repairs may cost you a lot more compared to donating it and getting tax deductions.

Most people do not realize that buying instead of constant vehicle repairs is more practical. Over the years of repairing, you might have spent more than half of the market’s value for a new car.

Once you donate your vehicle to our Fullerton, California car donations program, you will be eligible to file for top tax deductions. Hence, you’re getting the best of both worlds: You are helping those in need and getting money from it.

Even more important, you are transforming someone’s life, not just providing temporary support.

Fullerton Car Donation: Donation Process

The Fullerton, California car donations process is fast and easy. There are three easy steps to get your vehicle towed for free.

You can call us at 877-978- 1070 for faster transactions. Our helpful phone representatives will walk you through the process and answer whatever questions you ask related to your car donation. We will only ask for your vehicle’s details such as your car’s make and model, your preferred time and date for pick-up, and your vehicle’s location.

If you prefer, we also have an online donation form on our website. Click here to donate.

After you call or fill out the form, Fullerton Veteran Car Donations will process everything for you. Once we verify the information you provided and make arrangements with your local tow company, your vehicle will be picked up within 24 to 48 hours.

If you have work or prefer not to be present during your vehicle’s pick-up, you don’t need to worry. Fullerton, California car donations program for veterans has dealt with these situations before. We can send you the receipt via email or mail to release you from liability.

Your donated vehicle will be auctioned and after it sells; we will mail you a letter to inform you about your vehicle’s final selling price together with a receipt for tax purposes.

Veteran Car Program Donation in Fullerton, California

Government assistance to help our retired veterans has reportedly decreased by 3 percent. Our Fullerton, California car donations program covers the gaps in the U.S. government service for veterans.

We offer job and skills training for retired troops and provide counseling for vets and their families. The organization makes sure that benefits available to veterans can be achieved full-ranged. Moreover, we educate the public about our troops’ services and encourage them to help the veterans in their midst after retirement.

Help our vets through Fullerton, California car donations program now. Call 877-978- 1070 and donate your car today.

Fullerton, California: The 4th Oldest City in Orange County

One of the perks this city offers to the public is parking for free. Fullerton’s downtown has over 2,500 free parking spots for the public. It is also famous for its 22 square miles of mustard field. It was once an agriculture center, notably groves of citrus crops and petroleum extraction, transportation, and manufacturing.

The famous Pine Forest Stairs can be found in Hillcrest Park. The network of seven-foot wide timber stairs connects Lions Field to Hillcrest Park. Moreover, the restoration of 1920’s historic fountain and surrounding stonework adds to the historic feel in the place.

There are rental buildings available for families and groups who want to unwind during summer or school break. The known meeting place, Izaak Walton Cabin is one of the oldest conservation organizations in the country. It was destroyed by fire in 1990 and was rebuilt in 1998. This building is also open for rent to cater special events.

The preservation of war memorials throughout the park shows how the people of Fullerton honor our fallen heroes’ loyalty and service.

Veteran Car Donations operates in all 50 states.

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