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Irvine, California Car Donations: Help Transform Lives of Our Struggling Vets

Some of our veterans have been experiencing mental health problems after returning home from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Although the U.S. government has been supporting our veterans over the years, there are still more who need help.

Our nonprofit organization, Veteran Car Donations, in Irvine, California has been provided funds to support these veterans. However, we need your support so that we can continue with our mission. Donating your vehicle to our Irvine, California car donations program will make a big difference in the lives of our suffering veterans.

Here are the problems that many of our veterans face today:

  • Homelessness – Due to poverty and lack of jobs, many of our veterans have been forced to live on the streets. About 13 percent of U.S. homeless population has served in the military.
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder — This mental disorder afflicts many veterans who served in Iraq. According to statistics, 20 percent of our veterans suffer from this problem.
  • Unemployment – The number of veterans who are jobless has been estimated at 13 percent compared to the country’s general population unemployment rate of 7.3 percent. During the term of President Barack Obama, the nationwide Walmart chain store was the biggest employer of retired troops. This lowered the unemployment rate a bit.

Some former soldiers who could no longer bear these problems have resorted to taking their own lives for failure to find someone to help them. This is one of the strongest reasons why Veteran Car Donations in Irvine, California is relentlessly pursuing its Irvine, California car donations program campaign to generate funds to help and support our retired troops.

Donors’ Benefits for Irvine, California Car Donations

To attract donors, we have been pointing out the benefits of donating cars for the benefit of our veterans in the area. The benefits include:

  • Top tax deduction for donating your vehicle
  • Save money on repair of your car to make it “sell-worthy”
  • No need to continue paying for costly registration fees and insurance premiums
  • Free towing of your donated vehicle
  • Fast and easy processing of Irvine, California car donations

Irvine, California Veteran Car Donation Process

There are three steps to get your vehicle towed for free.

  • The first step is to fill out our online donation form or call Veteran Car Donations in Irvine, California at (866) 594-5822. You will be assisted by our friendly and eager-to-help phone representatives who will walk you through the process. They may ask for details such as your car’s make and model, your preferred date for towing, and your vehicle’s pick-up location.
  • The next step is the verification and arrangements. Once we have verified the information you provided, we will make arrangements with a local tow company. Within 24 to 48 hours, the tow company will contact you and provide further information about the process. They will hand you a receipt to release you from liability.
  • The last step in the Irvine, California car donations process is the towing of your vehicle on the agreed date. After your car is towed, it will be auctioned. And once your vehicle is sold, you will receive a letter with a tax receipt from Veteran Car Donations in Irvine, California to inform you of the final selling price.

Where the Money from Your Irvine, California Car Donations Will Go

The proceeds from the sale of your Irvine, California car donations will be used to fund the various programs of our military and veteran nonprofit organization partners to provide services to our veterans. The services include job and skills training, counseling, and building specially adapted homes for injured and physically disabled veterans after 9-11.

Your donations will help in transforming the lives of our struggling veterans.

Give us a call today and donate your vehicle to Irvine, California car donations. Our number is (866) 594-5822.

Irvine, California: 4th Best Place to Live in the U.S.

Irvine City is the fourth best place to live in the United States, according to CNN Developed in 1960 in the Orange County of California, Irvine has a lot of positives for both residents and visitors: wide roads and great parks, museum, and botanical gardens.

Irvine City has a rich history. An indigenous group of Gabrieleño inhabited this area of California 2,000 ago. The Gabrieleños is also known as Tongva, a Native American group. It is said that the Tongva group was the most powerful indigenous group to live in Southern California.

The Irvine Museum is one of the most visited places in the city. It has exhibits done by artists who painted scenes of California in the American Impressionist period from 1890 to 1930. It offers educational programs such as “Art Meets Science” to visitors.

On many occasions, Irvine City has expressed its commitment to provide services and recognition to our veterans.

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