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Car Donation in San Francisco, California to Support Veterans

Veteran Car Donations partners with leading veteran and military nonprofit organizations to meet the growing needs of our American heroes. When you make a car donation in San Francisco, you play an important part of solving the problems vets and their spouses face.

The number of unemployed vets in America is growing to some 700,000 nationwide! These servicepeople and their families need assistance with job and life skills, and many lack even the basics of shelter, food, and access to health care. Because these volunteers, along with their spouses, have made huge sacrifices, they deserve our support; many need so much more than they have been receiving.

Did you know San Francisco is home to more than 23,000 veterans? More than 40% of these individuals served in the Vietnam War; almost 20% served in the Second Gulf War; and others took part in the First Gulf War, the Korean War and World War II. While these brave men and women sacrificially gave to this country, many of them face hard times today. 

More than half of these veterans are over age 65, more than 30% have disabilities, and an alarming 11.87% live in poverty. When giving us a used vehicle, you empower programs making a real difference in the lives of these vets. We serve the entire Bay area, including nearby communities such as Alameda, Berkeley and Oakland.

When you donate your auto, you make a big difference, and show that San Francisco cares.

When you make a vehicle donation, you’ll receive benefits too.  You’ll:

  • save the time and trouble of getting rid of an old clunker,
  • save the expense and hassle of registering, insuring, and parking a 2nd or 3rd auto,
  • receive a car donation tax deduction, and
  • enjoy the satisfaction of making a real difference in people’s lives.


How Do I Donate a Car for Veterans?

Our car donation program is super easy.  Just call us or fill out our online form.  We’ll pick up your vehicle and tow it for free, then we’ll mail you your donated car tax deduction within a few weeks.  It can all happen even while you’re at work.

Have title or registration questions? Give us a call. Our vehicle donation program exists to make donating simple for anyone in or around San Francisco.


Other Vehicle Donations

Of course you can also donate trucks, and we can also accept just about any type of motorized vehicle.  We especially welcome RV donations and boat donations.


Your San Francisco Auto Donation Transforms Lives

When you donate a vehicle through us, you’re showing service men and women that they are not forgotten and demonstrating true appreciation with real help for them and their families.

Make a vehicle donation in San Francisco, California today to change lives for the better.


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