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January 27, 2020

January 27 – International Holocaust Remembrance Day: 5 Shocking Facts about the Holocaust

Holocaust Memorial in Berlin | Veteran Car DonationsWhat took place at the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp in Nazi-controlled Poland on January 27, 1945, will go down in the annals of history. This was the day when the Soviet Red Army liberated the largest Nazi concentration camp along with the rest of the death camps where 6 million Jews tragically lost their lives. In November 2005, 60 years after this unforgettable event, the United Nations General Assembly designated January 27 of each year as International Holocaust Remembrance Day.

We at Veteran Car Donations join our nation and the rest of the world in commemorating this historic event, which marked the end of one of the worst atrocities the world has ever seen. We honor and remember the victims of genocide as the Nazi regime of Adolf Hitler attempted to annihilate the Jewish population during World War II in a plan called the “Final Solution to the Jewish Question.”

This is also an occasion to celebrate the lives of those who survived this horrible tragedy.

5 Shocking Facts About the Holocaust that You May Not Know

What has already been done cannot be undone. However, as the public’s awareness is raised on the issue of genocide and other heinous acts against humanity, it’s our hope that this kind of tragedy will never happen again. In observance of the International Holocaust Remembrance Day, Veteran Car Donations shares these 5 shocking facts about one of the most traumatic events in world history:

  1. The meaning of the word ‘Holocaust’

Although the word “Holocaust” is often associated with the mass killing of Jews, it meant a different thing before the mass killings. Holocaust came from the Greek word holokauston, which meant sacrificial burning. However, when the genocide happened, the word was chosen as the key term for the event because, after the mass killing, the dead were burned at the crematorium or on an open fire.

  1. Jews were not the only victims of Holocaust.

Aside from exterminating the Jews, people who were disabled, homosexuals, members of the Roma ethnic group (gypsies), criminal offenders, and Jehovah’s Witnesses were the first targets of the Holocaust. According to the U.S. National Holocaust Museum, approximately 6 million Jews, 250,000 disabled people, 196,000 to 220,000 Roma, and 70,000 criminal offenders and homosexuals were slaughtered by the Nazis.

  1. Children were the primary target of the killings.

For fear that the children would grow up to become the next generation of Jews, the Nazis made it their primary goal to exterminate them. Countless of them died as they suffocated inside packed cattle cars en route to the camps while others who survived the trip were sent to the gas chambers to die.

  1. Jews became test subjects for medical experiments.

A large number of Jews were sent to medical facilities to become the test subjects for atrocious medical experiments. These experiments involved sterilization in men and women while others became test subjects to see the effects of chemical weapons and experimental vaccines and drugs on humans. This resulted in the gruesome death of thousands of Jews.

  1. Other people deny the Holocaust.

Some countries, particularly those allied with Nazi Germany during the war, have denied the Holocaust. Holocaust deniers claimed that the “Final Solution” actually sought to encourage Jews to migrate, not kill them. These “revisionists” alleged that the Holocaust was created by the Jews for their political and financial benefit.

Remember the Veterans, Too!

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Show Your Gratitude with Your Car Donation

Parked Gray Coupe | Veteran Car DonationsAs we commemorate International Holocaust Remembrance Day on January 27, let’s not take our everyday liberties for granted because there were people who spent the best days of their lives fighting for us to secure those freedoms.

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