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November 6, 2020

7 Tips for a Calming Evening Routine: Say Goodbye to Sleepless Nights

Cozy Sleep | Veteran Car DonationsAlmost everyone grew up following a bedtime ritual when they were kids. You’d take a bath, brush your teeth, hop on the bed in your pajamas, and you’d find yourself dozing off slowly as your mom reads you a classic fairytale.

Fast forward to now, and you still rely on a nightly routine to help you relax your mind and fall asleep easily.

So why do we tend to sack out faster when we stick to a pattern? This is because our sleep system likes predictability and consistency, as explained by Rebecca Scott, a research assistant professor of neurology at the NYU Langone’s Comprehensive Epilepsy Center — Sleep Center. Repeating a pre-bedtime pattern over and over attunes our bodies to sleep at a fixed time

Try these seven evening routine tips to help you get your daily dose of at least seven hours of sleep:

  1. Take a warm bath.

Sometimes, all it takes is a nice soothing bath to clear your head of negative thoughts and prepare your body for a good night’s sleep. Soaking yourself in water isn’t only therapeutic, but it also helps you hit the sack in just a few minutes after laying down. Take as much time as you want in the bathtub and allow yourself to loosen up and unwind. You can even light scented candles for extra relaxation.

  1. Do some stretches.

Sitting all day at work may often leave you with sore muscles and stiff joints, thus making sleep a challenge for you. Before heading to bed, take some time to stretch your body. Be sure to target those areas where you feel pain. Apart from relieving stress and tension, stretching every night will help you prevent injury in the future.

  1. Keep your bedroom as cozy as possible.

As you ready yourself for bedtime, see to it that your room is all set for a night of deep slumber. Set your thermostat between 65°F and 72°F, block out noise and light, and use essential oils. Lavender is a popular choice for people with sleeping problems.    

  1. Meditate.

Meditation is another activity you might consider adding to your bedtime routine. While it’s impossible to stop unwanted thoughts from entering your mind, meditating helps you eliminate them. With a peaceful mind, falling asleep at night wouldn’t be a problem anymore.

  1. Drink tea.

Forget those sleeping pills and go sip a cup of refreshing tea instead. Herbal teas like chamomile and passionflower are popular bedtime teas that improve sleep quality. With their numerous health benefits and disease-fighting properties, what’s not to love about tea?

  1. Put your phone away.

You’re probably on your phone 95% of the day, whether it’s for work or leisure, which makes sense why you’d want to keep it out of your reach when you’re already on your bed. Checking your phone before bedtime might sound harmless, but the truth is, it can affect your sleep and brain. Not only does your phone emit blue light that’s bad for your eyes and disrupts your internal body clock, but it also delays REM sleep, leaving you completely wide awake throughout the night.

  1. Write down your thoughts.

Jotting down your thoughts on a notebook is a great way to pour out your emotions. Write about how your day went, the things that are currently bothering you, or pretty much anything you want to reflect on. Just let it all out.


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