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October 17, 2020

How Long Is a Deployment in the Military and How to Cope with Family Separation

American Troop Saying Goodbye for His Deplyoment - VeteranCarDonations.orgContrary to common perceptions, not all active-duty soldiers are deployed for combat duty overseas. While some soldiers are tapped for multiple tours of duty, there are those who complete their length of service without leaving their home bases.

Deployment, or the act of moving armed personnel from their home base to areas outside the U.S., also varies with the types of missions assigned to military personnel. There are those who are assigned to combat situations or augment security in some countries. There are also those who are assigned for peacekeeping missions. Some are deployed to aid in the evacuation of American citizens from foreign soil. With each mission, a different type of specialization is required.

Deployment may last up to 15 months. However, this is not uniform for all soldiers. Depending on the conflict, the length of deployment also varies.

Challenges Facing Military Families Before, During, and After Deployment

Military personnel and their families encounter various challenges even before deployment. Before they are assigned to overseas duty, soldiers are trained for their assignments. Military families prepare their affairs and brace for the long period of separation from their loved ones.

Deployment is the beginning of the adjustment period as the soldier finally leaves home and channels their focus on the upcoming mission. During this time, they are exposed to operational stressors such as safety concerns, hostile environment, exposure to death and dying, concerns about the environment, and adjustments.

Deployment lasts from 7 to 13 months. During this time, families get used to the new norm, and soldiers complete their operational missions. Finally, soldiers get redeployed when they come home to their families and transition back to their role in the household and in the community while trying to recover from psychological and physical injuries sustained during their mission.

Dealing with Separation

Deployment is an emotional time for both soldiers and their families. Husbands and wives have a limited time to prepare for imminent separation. They worry about how this will affect their family life and their kids.

Military spouses are left to deal with the burdens of both parents while their partners are away. They worry about the safety of their deployed spouses even as they reassure their kids that everything will get back to normal soon.

Kids often manifest their fears through nightmares. When these occur, it is advisable to put a deployed parent’s boots under the bed to assure the child that the parent is still going to protect them no matter what.

Keeping a record of family events while the deployed spouse is away will be a great way to keep a soldier updated about the important events that happened with their family in the months that they were gone. This maintains their connection with their families even though they were not physically present during those past events.

Checking in and reassuring their kids that the separation was not their fault is a good way to reinforce the feeling that even though a parent is away because of work, they are still valued.

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