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August 31, 2018

How to Celebrate International Bacon Day on September 1

Shout-out to lovers of the salted crispy pork strips that perfectly match your sunny-side-up eggs for breakfast: International Bacon Day, or simply Bacon Day, (September 1) is just around the corner! Don’t be surprised if the smell of bacon wakes you up in the morning and lulls you to sleep at night because Americans all over the country definitely go crazy with their favorite cured meat on the first day of September!


Some Bacon-y Ideas for Your Gastronomic Adventure

It doesn’t matter if you want it lean or fatty, breakfast or dinner, midafternoon snacks or midnight snacks – you have every right to satisfy your craving for that delicious pork product on this unofficial U.S. holiday! You can organize a cookout with friends and family and ask them to bring any food that has bacon in it or you can check out your community calendar for any group activity that involves bacon. If you’re lucky, there might even be a bacon festival that features awesome bands, fun games, and free access to three-ton bacon bar!

If you want, you can post your latest bacon finds on Facebook! Take a photo of yourself wearing your “I love bacon” shirt while downing your bacon-infused drink and eating your BLT with a double portion of bacon. If your dog wants in on it, you can reward him for being the good dog that he is with a greasy strip of the good stuff.

The point is, we can never get enough of bacon.


Your Bacon Menu for International Bacon Day

Cooking Some Crispy Bacon - VeteranCarDonations.orgYou’ve got 364 days in a year to eat healthily. You deserve to spend one day eating nothing but bacon. We at Veteran Car Donations have come up with a suggested menu to properly celebrate your favorite meat candy on September 1st. Check this out:

  • BREAKFAST: Dip bacon in eggs!

For breakfast, you can fix yourself a classic meal that all Americans will say “amen” to – bacon and eggs. Do it right by scooping the egg yolk with a strip of

crispy bacon! If you want to live dangerously, go ahead and start your day right with a few more strips!

  • LUNCH: Go for bacon cheeseburger sliders!

Spice up your regular cheeseburger with lots of bacon. Indulge yourself to chunks of it in your ground beef patties and complete it with liberal portions of cheese. Match it with a serving of your all-time favorite potato and bacon soup – and voila! A perfect meal for lunch!

  • DINNER: Nothing like Paleo bacon crusted pork tenderloin!

Get your taste buds ready for a sumptuous dinner by putting together meat, spices, and a whole lot of bacon. This Paleo main dish will surely get you your bacon fill. This will go well with a side dish that features leafy greens and whole grains topped with bacon bits!

  • SNACKS: The cheesiest crispy bacon roll-ups!

Treat yourself to crispy bacon wrapped up with gooey cheese in grilled bread! We guarantee that the heavenly taste will make you want more!


Make This Unofficial Holiday Count

You’ll have to agree that everything else tastes much better with bacon! Get into the spirit of the holiday by going on a self-induced bacon-o-thon! Don’t worry; you can always hit the gym first thing in the morning on the next day for your mega workout.

If you want to do something for others on this special day aside from whipping up your delicious bacon meals, why not consider donating a car to us at Veteran Car Donations for the benefit of our former military servicemen and women who fought for our country’s best interests?

To know more about Veteran Car Donations and our donations process, feel free to call our toll-free 24/7 hotline 877-594-5822. You can also visit our FAQ’s page or contact us online. You can make your vehicle donation by filling out our online donation form. We accept vehicle donations anywhere in the United States since we have car donation programs in all 50 states.

Call us at Veteran Car Donations at 877-594-5822 and get free towing services and maximized tax deductions even as you transform lives on International Bacon Day on September 1!

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