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September 8, 2019

The Amazing Effects of Culinary Therapy on Veterans

You may think of cooking as a hobby or a chore, but for many of our veterans, culinary therapy provides their saving grace. Recent findings showed that cooking and culinary arts can actually enable certain individuals to overcome their mental problems such as post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, addiction, and substance abuse.

Culinary therapy involves gardening, grocery shopping, as well as planning and preparing healthy meals. Its focus is mainly geared towards inspiring creativity while keeping the mind preoccupied. Furthermore, this alternative therapy opens the door towards inner healing since it effectively relieves stress and anxiety.

What Are the Amazing Effects of Culinary Therapy on Veterans?

Culinary therapy can be mentally therapeutic since it provides a creative outlet that can be used as a distraction because it requires focus and keen attention to each detail. To provide more details on this, Veteran Car Donations presents the amazing benefits of culinary therapy on veterans.

1. It’s the perfect distraction.

When you’re cooking, your mind is constantly preoccupied with what you are currently doing and what you’re going to do next—preparing the ingredients, adjusting the seasonings, or stirring the mixture. It keeps your attention fixated, which in turn pushes out negative thought patterns.

2. It boosts creativity.

Did you know that preparing even the simplest dishes can already greatly benefit a veteran’s mental health? The entire process won’t create anxiety since it encourages focus while boosting creativity and happiness. Veterans who resort to culinary therapy feel more grounded and capable because the sense of creativity that the activity inspires makes them feel good about themselves.

3. It gives a sense of purpose.

One of the best things about culinary therapy is the fact that it gives the veterans a sense of purpose as they’re given the opportunity to serve other people when they bring out the food. It makes them feel like they’ve fulfilled a basic need for others. As such, it cultivates a sense of purpose in them.

Veterans who struggle with social contacts can attest that cooking for others and sharing meals with them help them overcome this problem.

4. It helps develop new skills that could open doors to employment.

There’s no doubt that healthy food can lead to a healthy mind. Through culinary therapy, veterans aren’t only given the chance to learn how to prepare healthy foods for themselves and their loved ones, but they can also use these skills to find rewarding and stable jobs.

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